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Checkout Payment Status Display Message Enhancement

This article will guide you on how to change the required code to receive the new checkout payment status display message for:
Successful payment
Payment reminder
Payment failure

If you have edited the customers/order.liquid file before, you may need to manually change just one code line at around 115 from

<a class="btn" href="/payments/fail/{{order.cart_token}}?status=0">{{ '' | t }}</a>


<a class="btn" href="/orders/{{order.cart_token}}/repayment">{{ '' | t }}</a>

Where to change the code?

You can click on Channels > Online Store > Edit Source > Look for the customers/order.liquid file and change the code > Save.

📌 Important Notes :
This manual code change is for the payment status display message only.

If you have edited the `customers/order.liquid` file, you need to change to get the new payment reminder display message after October 1, 2021 2AM (MYT) when the new enhancement will go goes live.

If you have never touched any of the code in the customers/order.liquid file before, our team will auto-update the code during nighttime.

You are advised to update in order to benefit from all of the new updates in the future as well.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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