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Why sellers offer Discounts?
Types of Discounts you can create in EasyStore
Discount Setting

1. Why sellers offer discounts?

"I want to save money!" This is probably what we are always thinking no matter as a seller or as a customer and this is why we see sellers offering discounts because when customers know that they can actually buy something with a cheaper deal, they will come to you. For sellers, offering discounts does not only help your customers but also helps your business. Offering discounts helps you to :

Attract attention from your new/old customers.

Stay ahead of your competitors.

Reduce inventory waste.

Makes your customers feel appreciated.

Keep your business moving forward with increased sales and reputation.

Love your discount promotions as much as how much your customers will love them!

2. Types of discounts you can create in EasyStore

Discount promotions can be created based on these 2 setting:

1. based on [by Amount spent] :

For example:

Spends minimum $50 and get 10% / $5 OFF

10% / $5 OFF for Every $50 spent

**2. based on [by Quantity purchased] :**

For example:

10% OFF for any purchase

10% OFF for Every 4th item

20% OFF for Every 4th item & above

3. Discount setting

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Discounts > Add discount

Step 2 : Select Advanced setting. Based on amount spent OR quantity purchased

πŸ’‘**Tips:** If you do not want to set discount from Advanced setting, you can create it from the β€œ**Popular discounts**” template. You will notice that the settings are pre-set for quicker setups

Step 3 : Insert the title of your promotion

πŸ’‘Tips: You may refer to the Summary on the right to review the discount that you are creating.

Step 4 : Set how customer purchase will be able to get the Discount.

There were 2 options available:

Minimum amount spend

Every certain amount spend

Minimum amount spend:

Every certain amount spend:

Step 5 : What item(s) customers need to spend in order to get the Discount.

The item selected here will be purchased at original price.
If want to get discounted price on the item, can select it again under the β€œ*add-on deal**”

Step 6 : Set it as an add-on deal (Optional)

πŸ“Œ**Note:** Select the item under add-on deal to get discount/credit for the item

Step 7 : Create discount

πŸ’‘**Tips:** Select credit if you want the create a credit discount

Step 8 : Apply Extra condition (optional)

Step 9 : Save!

Updated on: 03/01/2023

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