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Email & SMS Broadcast

Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger & LINE broadcast enables you to deliver timely and accurate message to the right group of customers at your convenience. With this, it helps your store to boost sales thereby improve communication between you and your customers/prospects.

About Broadcast Center:

Merchant could select customers to send out broadcast message from Admin Panel > Customers.
Personalized broadcast message content ✓
For now, the supported channels for broadcast would be Email, SMS & Facebook Messenger & LINE
We will provide free 500 credits for broadcast & the credit will be updated monthly.
This feature is included in EasyStore Business plan only.

In this article:

How to send out broadcast message?
Where to check my broadcast credit?
What if my broadcast credit finished or insufficient credit?
Credit top-up price range

1. How to send out broadcast message?

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Customers > Select customers > Click Broadcast

💡 Tips : you can now select all customers based on filters and you may ignore the 50 limit per page

Step 2 : Once you have clicked Broadcast, it will direct you to broadcast message content editor > Click the 3 dots on the top right, you may select
Customer's first name (optional)
Customer's last name (optional)
Store Link (optional)

📌 Note: Maximum characters for the broadcast message are 150 characters only

Step 3 : Click 'Broadcast X customer' and the broadcast message will be sent to your selected customers via email, SMS and Facebook Messenger

📌 Kindly take note :
4 channels (Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, LINE) = 1 credit
Credit is depends on customer count not channels
Make sure you have enabled the LINE/Facebook Messenger before sending out the broadcast message.

Kindly refer to the screenshot for reference:-



2. Where to check my broadcast credit?

From EasyStore Admin Panel, kindly click on Settings > Billing

Monthly credit will refresh every month, monthly credit quota would be 500 credits

Additional credit is the broadcast credit you have purchased/top-up from EasyStore

3. What if my broadcast credit finished or insufficient credit?

If you do not have sufficient credits to send out the broadcast message, you may contact us at for further assistance.

4. Credit top-up price range

Here would be the broadcast credit top-up amount :

📌 Important Note :
Only the free credit will be refreshed every month (free credit given by EasyStore is 500 credits).
The topped-up credits will not expire and will be carried forward if you do not utilize all of the topped-up credits within that particular month.

Updated on: 14/11/2022

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