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Generate voucher code for your promotion

Coupon or voucher code is especially useful when you wish to offer a discount only to certain customers. It could come in handy also when you wish to send out newsletter about your seasonal promotions. Here is the guide to create the code.

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Discounts > Add discount > select the discount / free gift / purchase with purchase discount tools you would like to create.

📌 Note : for the type of discount tools available in each plan, you may click here.

Step 2 : Fill in your preferred discounts settings > scroll down to the bottom > click on 'Extra condition'.

Step 3 : Then you already can see Voucher code option > tick 'Applicable' and insert your voucher code.

💡 Tips : Use simple code so it's memorable

Step 4 : Fill in other Extra conditions ( optional ) > Save and done

📌 Please take note :

If you have set each customer usage limit , please go to Settings > Checkout and select Account is required. Customers will need to register an account with your website or login to their existing account in order to redeem the voucher code.

Step 5 : Now your customers will be able to insert the voucher code at checkout page to enjoy the offer

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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