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Introduction of EasyStore Mobile App

📌 Important Note :
EasyStore Mobile App POS section is only available in EasyStore Business plan
The admin section is accessible for all plans.

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Benefits of EasyStore Mobile App
What you can do with EasyStore Mobile App?
Checklist - Connect with EasyStore Mobile App

1. Introduction

This new Mobile App feature allows you to have walking EasyStore POS system on your mobile phone to run businesses such as add orders, create discounts, add products & promotions, send e-receipt or sell products instantly. Orders, inventory and payment status will update automatically on your EasyStore admin panel.

Download and try it now!

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2. Benefits of EasyStore Mobile App

📱 Easily carried🖨️ Bluetooth printing🔔 Push notifications
With EasyStore Mobile App, you will have a walking pocket-sized POS where you can carry it anywhere you go. You can also monitor your daily operations from check/add orders, customers' information, reports summary with EasyStore Mobile App at anytime & anywhere you are.Besides, you're able to connect this app to a supported Bluetooth printer to print the receipt or go paperless by sending e-receipts to your customers' email.Busy with your business and no time to monitor? No worries, let's get notified with EasyStore Mobile app by receiving a real-time notifications when there's a new order coming in!

3. What you can do with EasyStore Mobile app?

Create order from Mobile App via Point of Sales (POS)

Filter & mark orders as paid

Fulfill orders

Print & send receipt to customers via email

Customize your receipt

Scan product with the barcode scanner

Add product (New Feature)

Checkout your EasyStore Reports Summary (New Feature)

Create Whatsapp Order Form (New Feature)

May refer to this article here for further references & steps on how to do.

4. Checklist - Connect with EasyStore Mobile App

Install the EasyStore Mobile App on your device.

Click Get Started to create a new account. If you already have an existing account with EasyStore, click I'm registered merchant

Login with Google, Facebook, LINE or Apple.

Select a store from Active accounts to proceed (if you have multiple EasyStore accounts).

Done. You can start managing your EasyStore operations with the Mobile App now!

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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