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New Checkout Flow

We are happy to inform you that we have launched our new checkout flow. The new checkout flow has been launched in stages :

Free Plan - launched on 28th June 2021

Basic, Plus, Premium Plan (old plans) - launched on 5th July 2021

Lite Plan - launched on 5th July 2021

Standard & Business Plan - 13th July 2021

Kindly be informed that we will no longer support Multi-Page & Single-Page checkout. All plans checkout flow will be standardized based on the launching period. The above 2 checkout features will be back after we refactor the new structure for the checkout flow.

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New checkout interface
Customer details section
Promotion/Voucher Code section
Added Cache
Billing details
Changes in Promotion

1. New checkout interface

Could you simplify the checkout process, please? Yes, we heard you!

By having a simple checkout process, the chances for your customers to place an order are very high. Why? Because the checkout page doesn't have too much information, not messy, looks neat, and doesn't bring customers to another page or tabs.

With this new checkout page, your customers can directly fill in the required information, select shipping method and payment method on one page. And most importantly, they can directly place their order on the same page too!

2. Customer details section

For the customer details section, there are 2 scenarios :
Not logged in customers
Logged in customers

Not logged in

Logged in

We would suggest selecting Account is required for Customer Account at Settings > Checkout.

By selecting the 3rd option, you are able to collect customers' data & information. It is easier for your customers to do their repeat purchases too. Your customers don't have to fill in their shipping information every time they checkout since the information has been stored in their address book as shown below:

If they wish to add a new shipping address, they can scroll to the bottom of the shipping address and click on the + Add new address button.

Customers can check their account details by logging into their accounts. From there, they're able to see their :
Order History
Available Credit

From here, customers can Edit, Delete or Add a new address

3. Promotion/Voucher Code section

Coming to the Promotion-related section, this is the section where your customers can insert the voucher code & store credits. We have enhanced it to be more user-friendly.

You can insert and choose to remove it directly from the checkout page. Can choose to remove it as well by clicking on the X button.

4. Added Cache

What is Cache and what Cache do?

Let us simplify it for you, Cache is one of the components that collect temporary data to help websites load faster. Now we have added cache for the new checkout flow to improve the checkout performance and the caches are kept for 15 minutes.

Delivery, shipping, and payment methods will not be updated unless the information filled in is changed. For example: The delivery method list will remain for 15 minutes unless currency or cart item is changed.

Delivery method - Cache based on currency, cart item

Shipping method - Cache based on currency, cart item, shipping address

Payment method - Cache based on currency, total price, cod type, the payment grouping setting

5. Billing details

For Billing Address, you can choose to use the same shipping address or a different address. You can also choose to Hide, make it Optional or Required for the options available:
Company Name
Address Line 2
Billing Address for pickup orders

at Settings > Checkout under Optional Fields > Save

Company Name & Address Line 2 at checkout :

Billing Address for pickup orders on checkout:

6. Changes in Promotion

There are some new changes in the Promotion setting for :
Purchase with Purchase (PWP)
Free Gift

For the new changes, it would be all 3 for Purchase with Purchase.



Now we have changed it to a fixed Discount (by % or fixed amount) and fixed PWP quantity.

Meanwhile for Free Gift would be the '**Storewide Free Gift**' only (left).



The free gift quantity has been changed to a fixed quantity.

Updated on: 24/09/2022

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