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Hardware Integration

1. Introduction

EasyStore's POS system will help you to sync your offline and online store for easier management.

The POS feature allows you to use the whole EasyStore as a POS system. As you know your online store has order management, customer management, and inventory. The new POS feature allows you to integrate your physical shop operation and use those same management systems. So you only need one system for both online store and physical shop.

If you use EasyStore to sell online on website, and you upload all the products that is in your physical store to your online store. So you are selling the same products both online and in your physical shop. What you have in hand (inventory) is the same as what you put for the online store. Example: You have 4 handbag in hand at your shop, in your online store also have 4 stocks.

Situation 1 : A customer place order from your online store. She bought 1 handbag. In your EasyStore backend, the order information is recorded and inventory is automatically deducted so now there is 3 left. Then another customer walks in to your shop and wants to buy 4 handbag. You check in your EasyStore that you only have 3 so you prevent from overselling.

Situation 2 : A customer walks in your shop and buys all 4 handbag. You use the new POS feature to checkout the purchase and it automatically update order information and deduct inventory instantly. At that same time, someone is viewing your website and wants to purchase the handbag. She was not able to add the handbag to cart as it is now sold out. So again, you prevent from overselling.

Since it is web-based, you can also use this at events or roadshows. If someone purchase during your roadshow, you can access your EasyStore pos with mobile device and just key in the purchase. It will automatically update your EasyStore backend system.

The EasyStore POS centralize your inventory, sales, customer data. So you can prevent from overselling and get an overview of your business from one source.

2. Hardware Integration

We do not have any plans to offer hardware with our current system at the moment. This is because we are still an online store solution first and will take time for us to go into a complete POS solution. You can now use POS on our EasyStore Mobile app too.

Download and try it now!

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Therefore, the ability to use the hardware is just a matter of compatibility with the device you are using to access EasyStore POS. Our development team has already started working on this compatibility matter and testing out different hardware. Now you can use any barcode scanner with the EasyStore POS just as long as your device support that barcode scanner. For example you use your desktop to access EasyStore POS, you can use a usb barcode scanner since EasyStore supports barcode input for your products.

As with printer, currently you can print out invoice from the original control panel. Checkout made with POS interface will be recorded under "Order" in your store backend. And there you can print out invoice. The invoice printing is currently only in A4 size but the POS printing function is under construction and will be compatible with receipt printers.

We are happy to inform you that you are able to connect the POS with a cash drawer and make sure that the cash drawer can be connected with the rj11/12 cable.
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