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1. Get Started

IOUpay is one of the digital payment services in South East Asia that provides payment services such as :
Mobile Banking
Buy Now Pay Later (Installment services)
Digital payment (utilities bills, loan, transfers & remittances, etc)

Your customers can securely make payments, process transfers and purchase with e-wallet, debit/credit cards, bank transfer. Kindly be informed that the integration with EasyStore only supports MYR currency. Also, your customers may need to sign up for an IOUpay account & download the IOUpay app to make a payment

Here would be the contact details for the IOUpay team :
+60 3 2703 0119 (MY)

2. Integrate with IOUPay

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select IOUpay

Step 2 : Fill in the Display name and fill in Description which will be shown to customers at checkout

📌 Note :
Don't forget to insert your Merchant Code & Merchant Key ( provided by IOUpay )
Make sure '*_IOUpay is now enabled_**' is selected

Step 3 : Complete the payment settings for IOUpay > Save

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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