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Payment Gateways Comparison

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Introduction of payment gateway.
Key characteristics of payment gateway.
Comparison between payment gateways.
Summary of the comparison.

1. Introduction of Payment Gateway.

A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar.

Payment gateway works as the middleman between the merchant and his/her customer, ensuring the transaction is carried out securely and promptly.

2. Key Characteristics of payment gateway.

Approval Time: Time taken for the approval of the application.
Transaction Fee: Fee you pay every time to process each transaction.
Settlement Day: The time lag between receiving a customer payment and receiving the funds in your merchant bank account.
Settlement Amount: Minimum amount for the payment gateway service provider to credit the funds into your account.
Worldwide Payment: Supports foreign currencies.

3. Comparison between payment gateways.

Payment GatewayApproval TimeTransaction FeeSettlement DaySettlement AmountWorldwide Payment
Internet Bank Transfer: 3 - 5 working days; Credit Card: 1 - 2 monthsExclusive rate as low as 1.5% only for EasyStore users. Payment methods include credit/ debit card, online banking, e-wallet. Contact us at to check your entitlementWeekly Transfer to Bank AccountMin RM 100Yes
Immediate3% + RM 17 days (Malaysia)Min RM 5Yes
Immediate3.9% + RM 2InstantlyN/AYes
Within one business day3.4% + RM 2Next day (T+1)N/AYes
7 - 14 working daysCards: 2.5% per processing (+ 1% non-MYR processing, + RM 0.50 for ticket size less than RM40.00); Non-Card (FPX): 2.5% or RM 0.50 (whichever is higher)Weekly Transfer to Bank AccountN/AN/A
Within 7 - 15 daysFree for most transactions. The fees of 0.1% for overseas transactions such as in case of cross border commerce.Next day (T+1)800 USD or equivalent amount in other foreign currenciesYes
Within 72 hoursCredit Card: 3% service charge; Online Bank Transfer: 1.5% service chargeMonday - Tuesday: Next day (T+1); Friday - Sunday: Next Monday; Public Holidays: Next business dayN/AN/A
Internet Bank Transfer: 7 - 14 working days; Credit Card: 1 - 2 monthsSME Plan Cards: 3%, Online banking & e-Wallet: 2 - 4% or minimum RM0.60 (whichever is higher); SOHO Plan 4% per transactionWeekly Sunday (Cutoff day) + within 5 working daysMin RM10N/A
14 working daysBasic Plan: RM1.50 per online banking transaction/ not applicable to card transactions; Standard 30: RM1.00 per online banking transaction/ 2.5% or lower for card transactions/ 3.2% per PayPal transaction/ 1.5% or lower per e-wallet transactions; Standard 365: RM0.50 per online banking transaction/ 2.5% or lower for card transactions/ 3.2% per PayPal transaction/ 1.5% or lower per e-wallet transactions.Next day (T+1) *next business dayN/AN/A
14 working daysCredit Card & Debit Card: 2.5%; Internet Banking: 1.5% or a minimum charge of RM1 whichever is higherTwice a week (Wednesday and Friday)Min RM 100N/A
7 - 14 working daysRM 0.50 per transactionNext day (T+1)N/AN/A
N/AN/AWithin 2 working daysN/AN/A
Within 24 hoursSME Plan Online Banking: 99sen, Malaysian Credit Card: 1.25 - 1.99%, Malaysian Debit Card: 1%; Starter Plan Online Banking: RM 1.50, Malaysian Credit Card: 1.50% - 2.50% Malaysian Debit Card: 1.2%Next day (T+1)N/AN/A

Razer Merchant Services: Exclusively for EasyStore's users. Contact us at to check your entitlement
iPay88: Redeem iPay88 Online Banking Plan

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4. Summary of the comparison.

Fast approval time: Stripe, PayPal, Payex

Low transaction fee: Billplz, Payex, Atome, Maybank2u

Short settlement cycle: PayPal, Braintree, WechatPay, AliPay, Billplz, Maybank2u, Payex

Low minimum settlement amount: Stripe and iPay88

Worldwide payment: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Razer Merchant Services

Updated on: 12/11/2023

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