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Connect with J&T Express Malaysia

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Introduction + Things to take note
Connect J&T Express Malaysia account to your store
Fulfill order and send parcel using J&T Express Malaysia service

1. Introduction

J&T Express Malaysia provides nationwide delivery service in Malaysia. The service that EasyStore integrated are:
Door-to-door service
Point-to-door service (self drop off the parcel at a point)
Bulk/single fulfill order(s)
Bulk/single download airway bill(s)
This integration does not have an auto-shipping calculation (you will need to get the rate from J&T Express and set up the shipping rate in your admin panel)

The payment invoice of parcels will be sent to you by J&T Express Malaysia monthly.

📌 You MUST complete the steps below before you can use J&T Express in your store:
Add your pickup location. You can disable the location if you do not wish to let customers go and pickup their parcels there, J&T Express still can use a disabled location.
J&T Express Key account manager (based on region) will contact you to register an account with J&T Express. They will provide the Custcode and API Key to you once the process is done.
If you do not have a J&T Express account, please sign up here
For the registration status, it will be informed by J&T within 7 working days, if still don't have any reply, may try to contact them by search for nearest branch over here

2. Connect J&T Express Malaysia account to your store

Step 1: Go to EasyStore app > Search for J&T Express and install the app.

Step 2: Fill up all the details under Setups.

Custcode and API Key (obtain from J&T Express Malaysia when your account application is completed)
Sender First and Last Name: your brand name as the parcel sender
Sender phone: your business contact number
Select your preferred format to print airway bill (A4 as default)

Step 3: Select Location name being your pickup location under Company information.

💡 Tips : You can add store locations in Admin > Settings > Locations.

Step 4: Your J&T Express app setup is now completed.

3. Fulfill orders using J&T Express Malaysia service

💡 Tips : Now J&T Express supports bulk fulfillment max 50 orders at once. Kindly ensure that the orders are paid, not cancelled or archived in order to bulk fulfill the orders successfully. J&T Express also support bulk download AWB (max 50 at a time)

Step 1: Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill >J&T Express Malaysia.

Step 2: Choose your preferred service method (Pickup OR Dropoff)> > click Fulfill order and your delivery order will be passed over to J&T Express automatically.

Pickup - J&T Express Malaysia will pick up the parcels from your location.

📌 Important note: A minimum of RM5 pick up service fee will be imposed if parcels' quantity less than 5 units at the same pick up location (same day).

Dropoff - You will need to drop off the parcels at their point.

Step 3: Done. You can now download your airway bills by bulk or individually.

Bulk download : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Orders > Check the orders that you wish to print airway bills > More actions > Download J&T Express Malaysia AWB

Single download: Within order page > More actions > Download J&T Express Malaysia AWB

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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