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Create Billplz account and collection
Integrate with EasyStore

1. Create Billplz account and collection

Step 1 : Make sure you have a registered account with Billplz.

Step 2 : Log in to your Billplz account > Billing.

Step 3 : Click on Create Collection

Step 4 : Fill in the preferred Collection name > Submit.

Step 5 : The collection for your store has been created successfully.

💡 Tips : Click [here]( to check out the pricing for Billplz.

2. Integrate with EasyStore

Step 1 : Log in to your Billplz account using Plzlogin.

📌 Note: Before proceeding to the next step, kindly make sure that you have received the verification email after log in with Plzlogin

💡 Tips: If this is the first time you log in to Billplz using Plzlogin, you can refer to this link to complete the process.

Step 2 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > Billplz.

Step 3 : Fill in your preferred Display name and Description which will be shown to customers at checkout payment method page/section.

Step 4 : Click on Connect and you will be redirected to Billplz login page.

Step 5 : Once connected, head back to your Settings > Payments > Billplz page > Choose Billplz collection > Done

Step 6 : Choose transaction charge type and insert the amount accordingly ( optional ). This amount will be added into order sub-total and payable by customers to you.

Step 7 : Save and done

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Updated on: 06/11/2023

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