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Let customers choose delivery date - Date Time Picker Plus

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Setup Date Time Picker Plus

1. Introduction

The Date Time Picker Plus gives your customers the convenience of picking a date and time that works for them as well as works for your business, right from your store cart page.

Suitable for businesses like:
Bakery, cake
Allow product customizations
Pre-orders products

2. Setup Date Time Picker Plus

Step 1 : Log in EasyStore’s Admin Panel > Apps > App store > Date Time Picker Plus > Install this app

Step 2 : Select the available date for customer to select.

Step 3 : Set up the timeslots for the availabilities.

💡Tips: Different days in a week can be grouped under 1 availability. The days under the same availability will have the same timeslots.

Example Scenario:

Availability 1: Monday to Friday grouped under availability 1 will have 3 timeslots.

Availability 2: Saturday and Sunday grouped under availability 2 will only have 1 timeslot.

Step 4 : Customize the Date label name & Timeslot label name

On your online store cart page:

Step 5 : Set up the order preparation time (optional). The options available are days & hours.

Example Scenario:

The order preparation time has been set to 2 days. If the customer placed an order on the 1st of January, the available date for the customer to select would be after 2 days.

Step 6 : Select the unavailable dates for delivery or pick up

Step 7 : Save!

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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