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1. Introduction

toyyibPay is a payment platform that is suitable for growing SMEs and organizations. They are providing an online payment platform that offers :

The lowest charges (no setup fee, no annual fee).

Dedicated 24-hours customer support online.

No SSM (business registration) needed for toyyibPay registration.

💡There are 2 options when registering with toyyibPay:

If merchant registers using personal bank account, thus SSM is optional.

If merchant registers using company bank account, thus SSM is needed for registration.

❗️Important notes: If you are facing any inquiries with toyyibPay, kindly contact the toyyibPay support team from here. Thank you!

2. Set up toyyibPay in EasyStore

For setting up the toyyibPay payment gateway, registration of a toyyibPay account is needed. There were 2 methods to create a toyyibPay account, via EasyStore or via toyyibPay. The steps for account registration and setup steps will be explained in this section.

Create a new toyyibPay account via EasyStore admin panel

📍 For users that have an existing toyyibPay account, kindly refer to the steps under For existing toyyibPay user section

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > search toyyibPay

Step 2 : Click the link under the Note section in Classic EasyStore admin panel


Click Create User button in New admin panel

Step 3 : Fill in account and baking details > Create Account

📌 Note:
After the toyyibPay account is successfully created, your secret key and category code will be displayed automatically.
If you want to log in to toyyibPay dashboard, you may log in with the username and password entered above.

Step 4 : Activate toyyibPay account with the activation link inside the confirmation email from toyyibPay.

After account activation, toyyibPay will make a test payment to ensure your bank account details are legitimate, with an amount of RM0.01.
If the charge is successful, you will receive another email from toyyibPay informing you that everything went well on toyyibPay’s end.

For existing toyyibPay user

Step 1 : Log in to toyyibPay dashboard > Category > Add new category

Step 2 : Create category name and description

💡Tips: You may create a category name that is easy to remember, for example: 'EasyStore Payment'.

Step 3 : Copy the category code from your toyyibPay dashboard

Step 4 : Paste it into EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > search toyyibPay > scroll down to Category Code field

Step 5 : Log in to toyyibPay dashboard > Scroll down to setting > Copy the secret key

Step 6 : Paste it into EasyStore toyyibPay setting up page (as step 4 above)> Secret Key field

Step 7 : Save and done🎉

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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