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Introduction of Wholesale Portal

📌 Note : Wholesale portal is only available in EasyStore Business plan.

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Introduction of Wholesale Portal
Key Features Available in Wholesale Portal
Checklist - Enable Wholesale Portal

1. Introduction of Wholesale Portal

Having large order volume? Wanted to provide different pricing to different customer groups? Wholesale portal is the sales channel you're looking for.

Wholesale portal is a password-protected private B2B portal which let you offer exclusive wholesale prices just for the logged in customers. With Wholesale portal, you can customize different price list that tailored to your different customer groups.

2. Key Features Available in Wholesale Portal

Custom price list - You can create and assign different price lists to your customers / customers groups directly. Customers can only view the custom price list that assigned to them. They are not able to see each other price list.

Password protected portal - Only the invited customers will be able to login to the Wholesale Portal.

Automated purchased flow - All the orders placed in Wholesale portal will be automatically show at your Admin Panel. You do not need to manually record them down, one by one.

Upsell your customer - You can set different price tier to encourage wholesale customers to purchase more at a lower price, for eg:
Purchase 1st - 5th item RM20
Purchase 6th - 10th item RM15.

Repeat order easily - Wholesale portal comes with a repeat order button which allows your customer to buy the bought products in their previous orders without going through the add-to-cart process again.

3. Checklist - Enable Wholesale Portal

Create the customer(s) that you wished to add into Wholesale price list

Assign them to a customer group if needed

Setup manual payment

Enable Wholesale portal

Add price list

Set your discount rules

Assign customer(s) / customer group to the price list

Send invitation email to customer

Customer activate account & login to Wholesale portal to start ordering!

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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