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Shipping methods (Flat rate per item)

Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Shippings > Add Shipping.

Name this zone and select the country this zone belongs to.

Once country is selected, you will be prompted to further select sub-regions ( by zip codes or states ).
Tips: one zip code / state can only be used in one zone

Type in zip code - define your zone by manually inserting zip codes

Select from list - define your zone by selecting from the list of states

Next, select 'Flat rate per order' shipping method.

Fill in Name and select Display Logo.

Tips: this name and display logo will be shown in checkout page shipping method selection list, suggest to fill in the name of courier service provider so that customers know who they will receive their parcels from

Select Payment option - whether this shipping method supports Cash On Delivery payment method.

Set shipping rate for this shipping method.

Handling Fee: will be charged on per order basis, will not be exempted for free shipping products.
Per order rate: shipping rates for this shipping method, normally based on your courier service provider rates
Free shipping: the minimum order amount to enjoy free shipping for this order

Save and done.

📌 Note : one zone can have multiple shipping methods, you can add another after complete one method

Updated on: 23/09/2023

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