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Create discounts for members only

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Create discount
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1. Introduction

Shoppers like the feeling of being an "insider" and the perks that come with it such as getting special discounts that not everyone gets. They will feel appreciated and will more likely purchase from your store again.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to create discounts applicable for members only.

2. Create discount

📌 Note:
Before you can create discounts for members only, you will first need to enable the Points & Membership feature and create membership tiers. Refer to this guide on Membership System (Loyalty Program)

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Promotions> All discounts > Add discount

Step 2 : Choose discounts from templates or create your own

You can select any offer suitable but in this guide we will go with % OFF with min purchase as an example.

In this case, members will get a certain percentage discounted from the total order amount (before shipping)

Refer to this article for more info on Discount Setting

Step 3 : Name your promotion

This is for easy reference and also for customers to see what this discount is for.

Step 4 : Set purchase requirement and discount value

In this case, members will get 20% OFF on order subtotal with a min of at least 1 item purchased.

Step 5 : Set the discount method

Select "Automatic discount" for members to get the discount automatically at checkout without having to apply any discount code.
Select "Discount code" for members to apply a discount code in order to get the discount.

Step 6 : Set discount condition to only apply for selected membership tier(s)

Select all membership tiers if discount settings applies for all membership tiers or to create different discount amount for different tiers, you will need to create separate discounts.

Step 7 : Set the active date, check discount summary and save

3. How customers can get the discount

Given that the customer has already met the spending requirement for any membership tier:

If you selected "Automatic discount" in step 5, members will just need to log in to their account in your store and checkout to get the discount
If you selected "Discount code" in step 5, members will need to log in to their account in your store and apply the discount code during checkout

Send personalized messages with the discount code to members via Message Broadcast Center

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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