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Point system (Loyalty Program)

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1. Introduction

Point system allows your customer to earn points from their spending. With the point system, also helps you to increase customer stickiness and repeat purchases by allowing customers to use the point earned to redeem for discounts or rewards.

In return, the more customers spend, the more they will be rewarded.

❗️Important thing before enabling Loyalty Program

If changes were made to customers/account.liquid and customers/order.liquid files, please reset them in Channels > Online Store > Edit source > templates.

2. Manage points

Step 1 : Set how many points earn per dollar spent. Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Customers > Points & Membership

From the image below, 100 point rewarded when customer spend RM 1

Example Scenario:

Customer A spent MYR 30.98 in an order.

Thus, he/she will be earning:

30.98 ÷ 1 × 100 = 3098

📌Note: The decimals point will always be rounded down

Step 2 : Select points expiry. You can choose never expire or points validity period where rewarded points will be expired after the selected validity period.

There were 3 options available for validity period.
3 months
6 months
12 months

Example Scenario 1:

1:21pm, 1 April 2022 - customer A earned 100 points & the validity period was 6 months.

Thus, 100 points will be expired at:

11:59pm, 1 October 2022.

📌Note: The point expiry will always fall on 11:59pm of the expiry date

Example Scenario 2:

Merchant set point never expires (25 July 2022)

Customer A earn 100 points (27 July 2022)

Merchant set point valid for 12 months (1 August 2022)

Customer A earn 50 points (5 August 2022)


100 points (earned 27 July 2022) - Will never expire

50 points (earned 5 August 2022) - Will be expired in 12 months

📌Note: New point expiry will not affect the previous earned point

3. Manage discount

You may customize the amount of points needed to redeem for each dollar discount

From the image below, 100 points are needed for MYR 1 discount

Example Scenario:

Customer A has 387 points

Thus, he/she is able to get MYR 3.87 discount during checkout:

387 ÷ 100 × 1 = 3.87

MYR 3.87

💡Tips: Merchants can set different earning and redemption formulas for different membership tiers

4. Point setting

Step 1 : Enabled or Disabled


Points will display on Storefront only when point system is enabled.

Points will reflect immediately on customers account only when point system is enabled.

Customers no longer earn or redeem points when point system is disabled.

Step 2 : Customize point name. You can rename “Point” into any preferred name

5. FAQ that you should know

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Point System featutes?

Point system feature is available for EasyStore's Business Plan.

⭐️ More features are waiting for you in Business Plan ⭐️

Explore now

Q : When will system calculate how many points can be earned?

System will calculate the points earning once the order was placed by customer

For example:

Merchant set: MYR 1 = 10 points

Customer A placed an order at MYR 10 (unpaid order)

Merchant changed point setting to: MYR 1 = 1 points

Customer A paid for the order placed earlier at MYR 10 (paid)


Customer A able to earn 100 points:

10 ÷ 1 × 10 = 100

Q : How points can be redeemed for discount?

Customer can redeem the points for discount during their checkout from online store.

📌Note: Point redeemed will be deducted immediately from customer’s account when order placed

Q : Can I manually assign points to customers?

Yes. You can manually add or deduct point from customer point balance.

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > customer > points balance > assign points

Step 2 : Fill in +/- amount to add/ deduct from customer points balance

GIF’s reference:

Q : If order has been canceled/ refunded, is it possible to revert / clawback the given point from customer?

It is possible for merchant to revert / clawback point given from customer when order was canceled/ refunded.

However, system unable to clawback points if customer's points balance less than the “clawback amount”.

Refund order point clawback:

Cancel order point clawback:

GIF’s reference:

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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