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Redeem vouchers with loyalty points

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1. Introduction

The default use of loyalty points is customers can use the points to deduct the amount on their purchase. But you can take your loyalty program even further and offer more benefits to customers.

In this guide, we'll show you how you can create custom vouchers that your customers can redeem with their loyalty points. After vouchers have been created, customers or members can log into their account in your store to shop for vouchers.

2. Create vouchers

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Discounts > Add discount

Step 2 : Choose discounts from templates or create your own

You can select any offer suitable but for this example we will go with % OFF with min purchase

In this case, members will get a certain percentage discounted from the total order amount (before shipping)

Refer to this article for more info on Discount Setting

Step 3 : Name your promotion

This is for easy reference and also for customers to see what this discount is for.

Step 4 : Set purchase requirement and discount value

In this case, members will get 20% OFF on order subtotal with a min of at least 1 item purchased.

Step 5 : Set the discount method to "Redeem by loyalty point"

Set how many loyalty points customers need, to be able to redeem this voucher.

Step 6 : Set the discount conditions

Make this voucher only available for members only, to make this as an exclusive perks which can help increase customers' spending.

This means that customers will only be able to redeem this voucher if they are in any of the membership tiers.

📌 Note:
Before you can create discounts for members only, you will first need to enable the Points & Membership feature and create membership tiers. Refer to this guide on Membership System (Loyalty Program)

Step 7 : Set the active date, check discount summary and save

Repeat steps 1-7 to create different discount offers, which will result in a rewards catalog for your loyalty & membership program

3. How customers can shop and redeem vouchers

When you enable Points & Membership in EasyStore, customers that have an account with your store are able to collect loyalty points for every purchase.

When they log in their account in your store, they can go to My Account > Rewards to see their active rewards, past rewards and shop for rewards.

After vouchers have been created, customers can click on Shop Rewards to see the list of vouchers they can redeem. They will only be able to see the vouchers that are applicable to them.

💡 Tips: Refer this article here if you want to create a vouchers that customer can redeemed directly

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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