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Introduction to EasyStore POS

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How to install EasyStore POS
Recommended Devices
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1. Introduction

EasyStore's POS system will help you to sync your online store and physical stores management. This is a cloud based POS system that can be accessed without bulky hardware integration. You can access it anywhere anytime via a mobile phone or tablet.

Our POS system will centralize:

Sales that made at physical stores will be recorded and synced with other sales channels in your EasyStore dashboard.

Customers data
You can register a new customer by just getting their phone number. Their purchases and information will be synced online and offline.

Membership points
Customers can enjoy member privileges on both online and at physical stores. They can redeem their voucher, points anywhere they want.

Stock management for different outlets can be done in EasyStore. You can arrange stock transfer between online sales channels and physical outlets.

Use cases for stock management

Situation 1 :
Stock: 4
A customer place order from your online store. She bought 1 handbag. In EasyStore backend, the order information is recorded and inventory is automatically deducted so now there is 3 left. At the same time, another customer walks into physical shop and wants to buy 4 handbags. You will see EasyStore backend showing 3 stock left, this will help you to prevent overselling.

Situation 2 :
Stock: 4
A customer walks in your physical shop and bought all 4 handbags. You checkout with EasyStore POS and it automatically updates order information and deduct inventory instantly. At that same time, someone is viewing your online store and wants to purchase the handbag. The online store customer will not be able to add the handbag to cart as it is now sold out. So again, this prevent you from overselling.

2. How to install EasyStore POS

You can start using EasyStore POS via installing EasyStore mobile app on your smart phone, tablet or even desktop (web).

Download and try it now!

Play Store :

App Store :

HUAWEI AppGallery :

3. Recommended Devices

We recommend this all-in-one device where it comes with functionalities like barcode scanning, QR code scanning, receipt printing, etc. in a single portable device.

Following will be the model supported:
- Sunmi V2s
- Sunmi T2s

💡: EasyStore do offer Sunmi device for purchase. Reach out to our team here to get your device and use it together with EasyStore POS system.

4. Others Supported Hardware

If you’re not using Sunmi device as recommended above, you will need additional devices for printing and scanning. This section will list out the type and model of other supported hardware devices:

Barcode Scanner
You can connect any USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner with the EasyStore POS as long as your device support that barcode scanner. Make sure you have inputs the barcode for your product in EasyStore under EasyStore Admin > Products > Add product

💡 Click the scan button to scan with device camera or external Barcode Scanner

Cash drawer
You are able to connect the POS with a cash drawer that can be connected with the RJ11 cable

RJ11 cable:

Receipt printer
You can use EasyStore POS to print receipt by connecting to the external receipt printer.

ModelConnectionPaper Size
Star Micronics TSP143IIILANLAN80mm
StarMicronics TSP143IIIBIBluetooth80mm
StarMicronics Mpop seriesBluetooth58mm
Xprinter XP-N160IIBluetooth80mm
Xprinter XP-58IIHBluetooth58mm
CP-Q3X / CP-Q3 / CP-Q6LAN80mm
Other thermal printer that stated support ESC/POS printing commandBluetooth & LAN58/ 80mm

📌 Note: For LAN printer, you will need to connect RJ45 cable to the WIFI router, and print the receipt by connecting your devices such as mobile phone or tablet to the same WIFI

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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