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Get Started with Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

In this article:

Install EasyStore mPOS
Enable POS channel in mobile app
Connect to a Printer
Receipt setting
Open & Close Shift
Create your POS order
Use voucher in mPOS(Highlighted feature)
Customer Point Redemption via mPOS(Highlighted feature)

1. Install EasyStore mPOS

You will need to install EasyStore Mobile app on your device to use the mPOS.

Install and try it now!

Play Store (Android 5.0 and above):

App Store (IOS 13.0 and above):

HUAWEI App Gallery:

2. Enable POS channel in mobile app

Step 1 : Once installed, click Get Started to login with your EasyStore account

Step 2 : Fill in the email address you used to register with EasyStore & enter password. We do support login with:

- Google
- Facebook
- Apple

Step 3 : Once logged in, select a store to proceed (if you have multiple stores).

Step 4 : Click the Menu button (at bottom left corner)

Step 5 : Go to channels > Point of Sale > Enable > View point of Sale

3. Connect to a Printer

We recommend this all-in-one device where it comes with functionalities like ordering, barcode scanning, QR code scanning, receipt printing, etc. in a single portable device.

This is a demo of how EasyStore mPOS works on Sunmi V2s:

Following will be the model supported:
- Sunmi V2s
- Sunmi T2s

💡: EasyStore do offer Sunmi V2 Pro device for purchase, it comes with one-year Sunmi warranty. Reach out to our team to get your device and use it together with EasyStore mPOS.

Others Supported Receipt Printer

If you’re not using Sunmi device as recommended above, you will need additional devices for printing. This section will list out the model of other supported external receipt printer.

- Receipt printer
You can use EasyStore POS to print receipt by connecting to the external receipt printer.

- Star Micronics TSP100W
- Star Micronics TSP100LAN
- Star Micronics TSP100BI
- Star Micronics SM-L200
- Star Micronics SM-L300
- Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN
- Star Micronics TSP143IIIBI
- Star Micronics TSP143IIIW

Step to connect external receipt printer:

Click Menu button (at bottom left corner) > Setting > Receipt Settings > Connect to a printer

💡 Tips : If you want to connect to external barcode scanner and cash drawer, refer here for the supported model

4. Receipt setting

Step 1 : Click Setting > Receipt Settings

📌 Note : Before printing the receipts, make sure that you have connect with a printer

Step 2 : Customize the receipt header & footer content of your receipts > Click Save

Step 3 : There are other add on options to display on receipt including:

- Order information (Date, Order number, Staff name, Order Number, Order Note, Currency)
- Product information (SKU, Barcode, Unit Price)
- Customer information (Contact Details, Credit balance)

5. Open & Close Shift

This allows staff members to open and close their shifts during their duty. It typically requires the staff member to reconcile the cash or card transactions they processed during their shift, ensuring that the amounts match the sales records.

Open Shift

Step 1 : Go to channels > Point of Sale > View point of Sale > click on the three dots button on top left

Step 2 : Click Open Shift

Step 3 : Key in your Starting Cash Amount > Open Shift

Close Shift

Step 1 : Go to channels > Point of Sale > View point of Sale > click on the three dots button on top left

Step 2 : Click Shift > Close shift

Step 3 : Key in the Actual Closing Cash > add Remark (optional) > Close Shift

💡 Tips : If you would like to know more about POS shift management, find out more from this guide here

6. Create your POS order

Step 1 : Go to channels > Point of Sale > View point of Sale

Step 2 : Search the product name > click on the product to add it into the order

Step 2.1 (optional): You can also scan the product barcode

Step 3 : Click the Total Charge button at bottom to checkout

Step 4 : Add customer > Add new customer ‘or’ Add existing customer

Add new customer

To add a new customer, please collect any one of the following information:

- Name of the customer
- Phone number of the customer
- Email address of the customer

Add existing customer

Click the Add existing customer button > enter phone number or email in the search bar to search customer > select the customer

💡Tips : GIF reference on how to search for existing customer

Step 5 : After added the customer, click** Total Charge** button to checkout > Select payment method > Fill in amount received > Print Receipt (Optional) > Add on customer remark(optional) > Mark as paid

7. Use voucher in mPOS (Highlighted feature)

You can apply and use voucher for the mobile POS order too

📌 Note:

- The Add voucher button will be only available when customer has been added
- The discount setting should be assigned as a Discount code discount method. For more discount setting, click this link here

Customer must be added

Discount code discount method

The setting can be found under EasyStore’s admin panel > Discount > Add discount > scroll down to Extra condition > Discount method

💡 Tips : For more discount setting, click this link here

Step to use voucher in mPOS

Step 1 : Add customer > Click Add voucher button

Step 2 : Select the voucher > click confirm

8. Customer Point Redemption via mPOS (Highlighted feature)

Customer can use the point that they have earned in their account for POS order too.

Step 1 : Create POS order via mobile app

Step 2 : Add customer > Click the drop down button > Use point

Step 3 : Enter the number of points that the customer wants to use in the order > confirm

Updated on: 24/09/2023

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