Create POS order

By creating an order with EasyStore Point of Sales system, you can apply discount or vouchers to the order too.

EasyStore POS help you to track orders and inventory across your retail location, and any other online sales channels by sync with EasyStore’s admin panel. You can create and manage all orders via EasyStore app

Step 1 Enable Point of Sale system

Go to channels > Point of Sale > View point of Sale

Step 2: Add product to Cart

Search the product name search bar > click on the product to add it into the cart

Or, scan product barcode using the barcode scanner > the product added to cart automatically

| 💡 Add custom items

If your walk-in customer wan to order any customised item, you can add custom items into the POS system cart and checkout too

Step 3: Manage cart

After added item to cart, click cart button at bottom to manage and review cart details

3.1 Add discount to item

Tap on the product that wanna add discount > add discount

📌This discount will only apply to the selected item

3.2 Add discount to order

Tap on the Add discount button at bottom of cart to add discount to order. Or, add discount to order via the More actions button

📌 This discount will apply to order subtotal

Step 4: Add customer

Tap on Add customer button in adding customer to the cart

4.1 Add new customer

Collect any one of the following field to add new customer

- Phone number of the customer
- Email address of the customer

💡Tick Send invitation SMS option to customer for their account activation

4.2 Add existing customer

In search bar, enter customer email/name/phone number to search existing customer

Or, add existing customer by scanning customer membership ID. Membership ID can be found in Shopping app > under profile

4.3 Detailed customer overview in cart page

Access to customer overview section by tap on customer’s name

Based on the overview, you are ready to understand more on your customer’s preference and purchasing behaviour to upsell them by getting to know:

- Membership tier (Progress bar showing how much spending left to upgrade next tier)
- Online in-cart items (Item that customer added to cart in online website)
- Points Earned (Points that customer has earned in the account)
- Credit Earned (Credit that customer has earned in the account)
- Order History (The past orders that customer has purchased with you)
- Bought items (Items that customer has purchased before)

Step 5: Apply points, credits and voucher

A details of any points, credits and voucher that customer has earned and reply can be found at the bottom section of cart page

5.1 Apply points or credit

Tap on the Points button to apply points

💡Adjust and customize the amount of point applied by click on the Point applied button

5.2 Apply credit

Tap on the Credit button to apply credit. Or, apply the credit via the More actions button

💡Adjust and customize the amount of credit applied by click on the Credit applied button

5.3 Apply voucher

Tap on the Voucher button to check vouchers that customer has redeemed in their account.Or, apply the voucher via the More actions button

Search or tap on the voucher to apply in the cart

**Send voucher to assign voucher to customer account**

Voucher sending option is available under customer’s profile overview (Refer Step 4.3 to access customer overview section).

Once the voucher has been sent to customer, the voucher will appear in the voucher list and can be applied in the cart

Step 6: More actions to modify the cart

Besides from adding item to cart and adding customer, you can click “more action” button to further modify and manage the cart too

The action available to modify the cart:

Save current cart
Remove customer
Invite checkout
Add tax
Add discount
Add voucher
Use point
Use credit

6.1 Save current cart

You can temporary save current cart and serve next customer. Saved cart can be viewed under More actions button too

6.2 Invite checkout

With invite checkout, you can invite customer that placed order in POS system to checkout online.

Method to invite customer checkout online:

QR code (Customer can scan QR code to checkout online)
Email (Sending checkout link to Email)
SMS (Sending checkout link via SMS)
WhatsApp (Sending checkout link via WhatsApp)
Line (Sending checkout link via Line)
Others (Copy the checkout link)

Step 7 Proceed to checkout

Steps: Select payment method > Fill in amount received > Print Receipt (Optional) > Add on customer remark(optional) > Mark as paid

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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