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About Shopping App
Install and setup Shopping App
How customers can buy from Shopping App
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1. About Shopping App

EasyStore always looking for ways that can help to grow your business further and better. Hence, we created Shopping App that allows your customer to place order anywhere, at anytime via your own mobile app.

📌 Note : Before started, make sure you have completely setup your account and Online Store sales channel. You may follow our tutorials here > Setup Online Store

2. Install and setup Shopping App

📌 Note : If facing issue when installing Shopping apps, suggest update smartphone operating system version to the latest. Adroid: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) & above; IOS: iOS 13.0 & above.

Step 1 : To setup Shopping app, go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > select Shopping App

Step 2 : Click Shopping App Settings

Step 3 : Once enable succesfully, you may change your Store Logo based on your preference

||📌 Note : Store Name and Storefront URL are automatically develop by the system. If you wish to adjust this details, you may go to Settings > General > Store Name

3. How customers can buy from Shopping App

Step 1 : Customers need to install Shopping App to their phone first. Below attached are the links to install:

Apple App Store :

Google Play :

Huawei App Galery :

Step 2 : Once installed succesfully, customer can start to search for seller store by entering store URL or scan QR code

Step 3 : Once the store have been added, now customer need to login or create new account so they can browse through and proceed with the checkout seamlessly in seller store. To do so they can click to Login or Register Now

Step 4 : Now customer can start to add the products to their cart

Step 5 : To check customer cart history, they can go back to seller store home page and go straight to cart icon at the top right of the page

Step 6 : Once click to the cart icon, customer can check their cart history and proceed with checkout right away by clicking to Check Out button at the bottom of the page:

📌 Note : At the checkout page, customer can still adjust their details or double check again the order.

Step 7 : To check back order history, customer can go back to seller store > click to Order option at the bottom of the page

Step 7 : If customer wish to check their store credit history, addresses, currency or if they want to log out from their account, they can click to Account option at the bottom of the page

4. FAQ that you should know

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Point System featutes?

Shopping App is available for EasyStore's Retail Plan only

⭐️ More features are waiting for you in EasyStore's Retail Plan ⭐️

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Updated on: 25/09/2023

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