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POS Secondary Display View

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1. Introduction

The POS Secondary Display View feature is designed for Point of Sale devices equipped with a secondary screen. This feature allows customers to conveniently view the products that have been entered or scanned by the cashier, along with the corresponding total pricing. Additionally, the secondary screen can serve as product and store detail showcase as well as an advertisement, such as showcasing new product ranges, promotion through a visually appealing picture slider format.

2. Enable or disable settings

Enable Secondary Display

Step 1: Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Channels > Point Of Sale > settings > POS Secondary Display Image > Enabled

Step 2: Upload files / choose existing images from general image that saved in EasyStore admin panel, upload or select all the picture that want to show on secondary screen all at once > click add button when done

Step 3: Click preview button to review how's the image is shown. All images will be cropped and show in square ratio, do made sure the important message won't be croped > click Save button to take effect.

Example screen view

Note: Actual slider transition speed slower than this gif

Disable Secondary Display

Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Channels > Point Of Sale > settings > POS Secondary Display Image > Disabled

This setting will disable image slider and shows a default blue screen page.

Here's gif for setup reference:

3. FAQ that you should know

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Point System features?

Point system feature is available for EasyStore's Retail Plan.

⭐️ More features are waiting for you in Retail Plan ⭐️

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Q : How many picture can be placed in as slider?

Currently there's no quantity limitation on how many picture can be placed.

Q : Why after upload picture once, i can't upload additional picture?

After upload image(s), theres no button to upload additional image, will need to delete all uploaded image and reupload again.

Q : Can change the text and icon or adding logo on the blue screen when disable the secondary screen display?
Nope, the bluscreen display will only shows a standard icon and your store name.

Q : What are the dual screen device supported?
So far we have tested on Sunmi Desktop Terminals , T2 series while you may also try on other brand as well. If there's any display issues may inform our technical support via the right side chatbox.

Updated on: 29/10/2023

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