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Feature available in EasyStore Mobile App

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Play Store (Android 5.0 and above) :

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Once installed, click Get Started to login with your EasyStore account

📌 Notes : If your apps facing "unauthorize" error / missing login button, may try to clear apps data from smartphone. (Android / IOS)

In this article:

Connect with Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)
Filter orders
Bulk select and manage order
Add product
Reports Summary
Receive New Order Notification

1. Connect with Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Step 1 : Fill in the email address you used to register with EasyStore & enter password. This app do support login with:


Step 2 : Once logged in, select a store to proceed (if you have multiple stores)

Step 3 : Click the Menu button (at bottom left corner)

Step 4 : Go to channels > Point of Sale > Enable > View point of Sale

💡 Learn more about EasyStore Mobile POS

2. Filter orders

Step 1 : Go to orders > Click the Filter button on top right

Step 2 : You can filter orders by

Product Variants

3. Bulk select and manage order

Step 1 : Bulk select the order

Step 2 : Select more actions to bulk manage the order including:

Generate pick list
Print packing slip
Print invoice
More actions (Order fulfillment and AWB printing)

4. Add product

Step 1 : Click Products > Click the Add product on top right

Step 2 : Fill in product title and description

Step 3 : Add product images via files upload or URL & Add YouTube video to your products

Accept .jpg, .png & .jpeg file only
Maximum size 10MB & 1500x1500px

💡 Refer here for more steps on adding products

Step 4 : Once every product information is filled in, click Save on the top right

5. Report Summary

Click Reports and you will see the last 30 days report summary for Sales, Orders, Products and Visitors.

💡 Click here for more informations about Report Summary

6. Receive New Order Notification

When your customer placed a new order with you, you will received an order notification via EasyStore Mobile App

📌Things to take note:

1. Make sure that you have turned on the sound and notification for EasyStore Mobile App

2. If you have turned on the sound and notification but still not able to receive the notification, kindly uninstall the EasyStore app from your device and reinstall it again

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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