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In this article:

Connect with EasyStore Mobile App
Create order from Mobile App via POS
Filter and mark orders as paid
Fulfill orders
Print and send receipt to customers via email
Customize your receipt
Product Barcode scanner
Membership Barcode Scanner
Add product
Reports Summary
Create Whatsapp Order Form

1. Connect with EasyStore Mobile App

Step 1 : Once installed, click Get Started to create a new account. If you already have an existing account with EasyStore, click I'm registered merchant

Step 2 : Fill in the email address you used to register with EasyStore & enter password. We do support login with:


Step 3 : Once logged in, select a store from Active accounts to proceed (if you have multiple EasyStore accounts).

2. Create order from Mobile App via POS

Step 1 : Click the POS icon at top left > Click Confirm to switch to POS

Step 2 : This would be the page you will be seeing and customers can shop by Collections (Icon on top right) > ✓

Step 3 : Select product to purchase > Add Customer (Add new customer/select existing customer) > Add discount/tax (optional).

Step 4 : Click Total Charge below to proceed with payment > Select payment method > Fill in amount received > Print Receipt (Optional) > Mark as paid > Done ✓

3. Filter and mark orders as paid

Step 1 : Kindly switch to Admin to filter & mark orders as paid. Click on the Admin button on top left > Confirm.

Step 2 : Click the Filter button on top right

Step 3 : You can filter orders by Status, Payment, Fulfillment & Channels

Step 4 : Once filtered, you can select order > Mark as paid > Select payment method > Mark as Paid > Done ✓

💡 Tips :
You are able to do manual refunds and payment gateway refunds. You may need to proceed the refund manually as the refund button at the backend is for record purpose and allow the system to send a refund notification email to your customers
The payment getaways that can perform auto-refund would be Razor Merchant Service (MOL Pay) only for now.
You are able to cancel, archive and delete order through order view

4. Fulfill orders

Click Orders > Select order > Click Fulfill button > Select which fulfillment options > Fulfill

📌 Important Notes :
Only support single fulfilment
Support marketplace (e.g. Shopee, Lazada etc..) and logistic app (e.g. EasyParcel etc..) for fulfillment options
Support manual fulfilment
Only support download packing slip for manual fulfilment
Does not support print packing slip for marketplace and logistic app. We will continue to enhance and improve on this Mobile App.

5. Print and send receipt to customers via email

Step 1 : Click Orders > Select Order > Click Invoice button. You can send invoice to customers via Email by clicking the Email Invoice button > Send

Step 2 : Print invoice is optional

If you would like to print the invoice, click Invoice > Print Invoice. Make sure you have connected to a receipt printer. The supported receipt printers would be:

Star Micronics TSP100W
Star Micronics TSP100LAN
Star Micronics TSP100BI
Star Micronics SM-L200
Star Micronics SM-L300
Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN
Star Micronics TSP143IIIBI
Star Micronics TSP143IIIW

Note : Receipt size would be in "80mm" for now. We will enhance on the receipt size which is compatible with receipt printers

6. Customize your receipt

Step 1 : Click Setting > Receipt

💡 Reminder : Before printing the receipts, make sure that you have connect with a printer

Step 2 : Customize the header & footer content of your receipts > Click the Save button

Step 3 : There are other options such as :

Auto print after checkout
Display currency
Display order number
Display date
Display user name

7. Product Barcode Scanner

With EasyStore Mobile POS App, you can use any barcode scanner as it supports barcode input for your products. Kindly switch to POS to utilize the barcode scanner.

Kindly ensure that you have filled in the barcode while creating the product. By that, you can directly scan the product barcode with this EasyStore Mobile App feature and it will be added to the cart automatically.

8. Membership Barcode Scanner

Besides from product scanner, you can scan your customer digital membership card with EasyStore POS to know their membership status.

Membership Barcode Scanner

Membership Barcode

Customer can access to their digital membership card via the Shopping App. Shopping App offers convenience and seamless shopping to users who want to shop anytime, anywhere. Users can shop your brands through this app, which provides a quick, secure and easy way to shop.

9. Add product (New Feature)

📌 Note : Make sure you are on the Admin page.

Step 1 : Click Products > Click the + button on bottom left

Step 2 : You can add product images

📌 Important Note :
Accept .jpg, .png & .jpeg file only
Maximum size 20MB & 1500x1500px

Step 3 : Fill in product title and select the options available

💡 Tips : Track Inventory means EasyStore will track the inventory of this product

Step 4 : Fill in the product price. *SKU & Barcode is optional

Step 5 : Once every product information is filled in, click on the top left > Done

10. Reports Summary (New Feature)

📌 Note : Make sure you are on the Admin page.

Click Reports and you will see the last 30 days report summary for Sales, Orders & Visitors.

11. Create Whatsapp Order Form (New Feature)

📌 Note :
Make sure you are on the Admin page.
Kindly ensure that you have enabled _Whatsapp Order Form_ on your EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Enable Whatsapp

Step 1 : Go to Settings > Click Order Forms

Step 2 : Click + button on bottom right

Step 3 : Fill in the Whatsapp Order Form title > Select Data Collection Field > Select products. Once done, click the button on top right

Step 4 : Done, you have successfully create a Whatsapp Order Form! Now you can start sharing the link to your friends & customers.

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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