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Multi Location Inventory

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Set up Location
Manage Product Inventory based on Location
POS Checkout based on Location
Order management based on Location
FAQ that you should know

1. Introduction

Multi location inventory features allow you track the inventory and manage the order fulfilment from multiple locations such as physical stores, warehouse. With this feature, you can set up multiple locations in EasyStore and manage few different locations inventory.

Highlight features:
Multi-location inventory management
Customer to pick up from selected location
Stock reporting for all locations
Stock transferring

2. Set up Location

Step 1: Add locations. Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Settings > Locations > Add locations

Step 2: Fill in location details
💡 Tips: You can enable self-pickup options for the added location. Find out more from here

Step 3: Set the location as Primary Location

📌Important Note:
- System will track inventory from Primary Location by default
- One store can only have “1” primary location
- The order from Online store will deduct the inventory from primary location

Step 4: Choose your Inventory Tracking setting

📌Note: The option will appear when you have add more than 1 locations under location setting.

Track Inventory Independently

- Choose Track Inventory Independently options if you have different inventory from the primary location for the location added

Share Inventory with Primary Location

- Choose Share Inventory with Primary Location options if you have want to share the same inventory from the primary location.

3. Manage Product Inventory based on Location

If you have more than one locations tracked inventory separately, location specific inventory will appear as below:

Step 1: Add products. Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > products > Add product

💡 Tips: Refer here for the steps by steps guide on adding a product

Step 2: Scroll down to Inventory > Inventory control > select EasyStore tracks inventory of this product

Step 3: Fill in the inventory quantity for different location

4. POS Checkout based on Location

With Multi location inventory, you can use your POS system for different the locations that you have added.

📌Note: The POS feature is only available for EasyStore user of Essentials, Growth and Success plan

Step 1: Enable POS channel. Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Channels > POS > Enable > View Point of Sale

Step 2: Click on the View Point of Sale button

Step 3: Choose your location to bind with POS devices

- It is compulsory to select a location to bind to your POS device.
- After you have choose the location, the products inventory will listed based on the location chosen.
- Order created from the POS device will deduct inventory from the selected location.

5. Order management based on Location

Step 1: Manage an order. Go to EasyStore’s admin panel > Orders > Click into the order

📌Note: Inside the order detail page, it will indicate the order item inventory is fulfilled from which location.

6. FAQ that you should know

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Multi location feature's?

Multi location feature is available for EasyStore's Retail Plan

⭐️ More features are waiting for you in Retail Plan ⭐️

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Q : How many inventory locations can be added?

Maximum you can add up to 10 inventory locations

- Essential plan: Support up to 2 inventory locations
- Growth plan: Support up to 5 inventory locations
- Success plan: Support up to 10 inventory locations

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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