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Enable self-pickup as shipping option

This guide is useful for merchants who wish to offer a self-pickup option aside from other delivery options.

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin Panel > Settings > Locations

📌 Note: To view the picture above, may click to enlarge.

Step 2 : Add Location

Step 3 : Fill in your location details & pickup availability

📌 Cut off day: Customers can only pick up the orders after the cut off day(s).

For example : Pickup cut off = 3 days

Customer can only choose the pickup date which is 3 days later (including the day where customer place the order)

Step 4 : Save

📌 Important Note: Free & Lite Plan will have up to 1 location slot. View EasyStore available plan

💡 Here's some tips for you:

For pickup, we added in an option where you can select 'I will pick up the order' OR 'Someone else will pick up the order'

If you select 'Someone else will pick up the order', there will be columns for them to fill in the details such as Name, Email Address & Phone Number. From this information, you are able to contact the one who picks up the order easily.

You can also install the Date/Time Picker app to allow the customers to select the pickup date. Kindly refer to this guide here on how to set up.

Updated on: 05/11/2023

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