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New Themes Customizations (2023)

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Introduction to EasyStore new theme
List of EasyStore new theme
Features available in the theme

1. Introduction to EasyStore's new theme

EasyStore has just launched multiple new free themes that includes an adaptable layout, optimized for specific target segments, with sections and blocks that are easier to customize than ever before, you can add, rearrange, and edit any page without coding.

2. List of EasyStore new theme

CraftyHands [Mobile View]
Wood Essence [Mobile View]

3. Features available in the theme

3.1 Drag-and-Drop

With the new theme, you can now move any section from the layout to a desired arrangement and "drop" it. Use drag-and-drop method to create custom sections and blocks throughout your store without special coding.

3.2 Customize pages directly

The latest themes offer a more flexible design, you can edit any pages directly from the Customize page. For example, you can change the visual of the Collection page with just few simple steps:

💡 Tips : The upsell icon and text as the image below can be customize under the product page

3.3 Multiple Google font available

Time to skip the old way of adding fonts manually. Energize your brand with fresh fonts the new themes provided — A selection of Google font that are all free!

3.4 Customize Layout and Sections Seamlessly

If you're familiar with our previous theme like Candy or Wave, you must recognise the customize layout section whereby the arrangement is a little bit complex. Some of the features also required you to have extra coding too.

Now, the new themes comes with flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes, and more. You can now easily edit any section of your online store directly without having to touch any code.

For example, you can see how seamless it is to adjust the text of an Image Banner section in Aroma theme:

📌 Added icons for sections and blocks [ New Enhancement ]

The new themes allow you to navigate and adjust things easily with our customized icons without having to read the text for each sections and blocks:

3.5 Translatable settings

Latest themes support multiple languages, which mean you can now do any setup in the Customize page with the language you're most comfortable with!

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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