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1. Introduction

You might not know, size of your storefront images e.g. sliders and product thumbnails vary and auto-fit to your visitors' screen size. But we understand it would be great to have a reference size to start with. Therefore in this article, we share with you the recommended image size

📌 Important Note :
The supported image file format would be gifs. png. jpeg. jpg.
We have added an option for you to display images of original quality. Therefore, your store will be using the image with the original size and format. You can enabled it at Channels > Online Store > Theme > Customize > Setting

You are able to edit the image title (image alt). Having an image name can help in improving and boosting your website/product SEO.

2. Home page image sizes

These mostly refer to the full-width home page images in our new themes. Here are the recommended sizes (width x height) :

Desktop slider: 1400 x 700px
Mobile slider: 700 x 800px
Center content (Desktop) : 1400 x 700px
Center content (Mobile) : 700 x 800px
Featured collection: 850 x 850px
Featured products for desktop & mobile : 800 x 800px
Testimonial slider : 1280 x 600px
Logo list : 300 x 180px
Logo for email: 150 x 60px
Product image : 800 x 800px
Promotional Banner (Desktop) : 1400 x 700px
Promotional Banner (Mobile) : 700 x 800px
Store Logo: 600 x 300px
Favicon Icon: 16 x 16px
Blogpost & Articles image : 1200 x 630px
Product Collections for desktop & mobile : 1000 x 1000px

3. Other image sizes

1-column Image

1-column image mostly refers to your logo or slider photo. The recommended max width is 1600px.

2-column Image

2-column image is more commonly used on Homepage content to display list of brands or collection series. The recommended max width for 2-column image is 1200px.

4-column Image

4-column image normally refers to the featured products on your homepage, or it can be your list of brands and categories on your homepage content. The recommended max width for a 4-column image is 800px

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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