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Promotion tools must-know

When you have multiple promotion tools but you don't know which promotion will come first. It's easy to get confused how promotion tools will affect the cart calculation. Knowing how cart calculation works allow you to manipulate well for your promotion tools.

Here are some important tips for you to understand the formula of cart calculation:

Promotion priority

Priority will affect which promotion be counted. You can change your promotion priority by dragging the promotion you have added

The sequence for each promotion tools will be: Product level promotion > Order level promotion > Store credit > Shipping fee

Promotion restriction

Each product can only apply one product level promotion, which mean only one Specific Product's promotion tools can be applied on one product.

Each cart can only apply one order level promotion, which mean only one Entire Order's promotion tools can be applied on each cart.

Order level promotion will be discounted to subtotal, which means discounted products can get discounted again.

Promotion calculation

Minimum order amount is triggered by subtotal. Minimum order item quantity is triggered by all items exclude target (only happen in PWP).

Discount starts from the cheapest product, for example there are 5 items in the cart, each product has the price as following $60, $50, $40, $30, $20, the discount will be applied as the table below .

For Plus plan and Premium plan, customer group must bind together with a voucher code for the promotion to valid.

Shipping fee needs to exclude free gift.

Relationship between items which trigger the promotion is OR logic. For example, If customer purchase 2 T-shirts in total* 2 to trigger the promotion. The triggering item can be (T-shirt A 1 + T-shirt B 1 ) or ( T-shirt A 2 ) or ( T-shirt B 2 ).

Relationship between free gift items is AND logic. For example, If a promotion were set as Bag A 1 and Bag B 1 as a free gift, customer will get both Bag A 1 and Bag B 1 when they met the condition, rather than choosing one of them.

Relationship between PWP Add on items is AND logic. For example, If a promotion were set to add on Bag A 1 at RM 20 and Bag B 3 at RM 40 with any purchase, customers are allowed to choose at most Bag A 1 and 3 Bag B 3 at PWP price, totally 4 items.

Hope this helps!

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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