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Set up Referral Program

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What is Referral Marketing?
Steps on how to create a new referral
Where can you get the reports of your Referrals?

1. What is Referral Marketing?

Referral Marketing is a quick and convenient feature for businesses that would like to boost their sales using referral marketing. You can generate a unique link for different people (e.g influencers, agents, salespersons, friends) and assign different commission percentages. The commission will be auto-calculated and displayed on the referral setting page, order page and also the order export file.

📌 Note: This feature is available in EasyStore Business plan only

2. Steps on how to create a new referral

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > Referral Marketing > Add referral. From there, you can choose to add as Referrer or Staff

Step 2 : If you select Referrer, please insert the referral code, their name, and email address.

If you select Staff, you just need to select which staff and insert their Referral Code.

Step 3 : Insert the commission rate you going to reward them:
By Percentage (%)
By Fixed Amount (will be following your default currency from your EasyStore admin panel > Settings > Currency. Click here for more information)

📌 Extra Note :
You can set the Minimum purchase amount to apply the referral code to an order. If you do not wish to set a minimum purchase amount, just leave the minimum purchase amount column as '0' will do.
Commission pending period means the day(s) taken for a commission to be confirmed/approved. When the commission is waiting to be confirmed nor approved, it can be voided if the order has been fully refunded.
After the commission has been confirmed, the commission will not be voided even if the order has been fully refunded. However, if the order is refunded when the referral commission is still pending confirmation, the referral commission can be reverted.
If the commission can be confirmed instantly, just fill in '0' days for the commission pending period.

Step 4 : Save, then copy the link and share with your referral, and let them start promoting!

💡 Tips:
You can now copy the referral links for Online Store, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat and Telegram Order Form.
Please make sure you have enabled the respective channels to get the referral links.

You would be able to see if the referral is a referrer or staff from the Referral Marketing page

How the referral commission is earned?
We will calculate the referral's commission from the subtotal. Let's say the order subtotal is RM100 and the referrals' commission is 1% so referrals would be earning RM1

Referrals would earn the commission from the product price only (exclude shipping, taxes & transaction fee)

3. Where can you get the reports of your Referrals?

If there are any sales referred by them, you will see it in the:

1️⃣ Referral setting page > Commissions

2️⃣ You will see the referrals' total commission from the referrals list too!

3️⃣ Order page (in the order details).

You can only see the referrals' commission (the 15.80 MYR) if the order details if the order payment status is PAID. Click here to know more about Order Status.

And, we will send an email to your referral(s) automatically when a referral's order has been marked as PAID too! It is basically to inform the referrals that their referred orders have been acknowledged.

4️⃣ Order export file (you can filter by referral code)

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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