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Steps to start earning with EasyStore Affiliate program

How to join EasyStore Affiliate Program?

Step 1 : Get Started

If your audience is looking to launch a business, migrate an existing store from another platform, or monetize hobbies with commerce, we encourage you to sign up for the EasyStore Affiliate Program

Sign up for EasyStore Affiliate Program here

Step 2 : Verification Process

Our team will carefully review your application. Not everyone will be an affiliate and if you have been approved, you’ll receive access to education, support, tracking, reporting, payments, and your unique affiliate link to track each referral in your dashboard.

Step 3 : Training

Our team would provide some training, online classes for you to gain knowledge on the EasyStore platform. How to use, what do these features work, functionality etc. so you could use the knowledge to referrer others to start their own eCommerce business.

Affiliates can copy the unique referral link from the referral tools and share it on your social media channels, blogs, community group, prospects, friends and families and start earning right away.

Step 5 : Gets commission based on the users/merchants that you have referred.

No member fees and KPIs are required to join the EasyStore affiliate program.

Once a successful subscription on any EasyStore package has been made through referral, you will be entitled to earn a commission over each subscription.

Updated on: 25/09/2022

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