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Add lucky draw wheel on online store - by Smartarget

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Install and setup Smartarget Lucky Wheel app

📌Kindly take note: In order for customers to apply discount coupon codes, promotions with promo codes need to be added in EasyStore's admin panel first. Refer to the guide here in adding a discount promotion.

1. Introduction

Lucky Wheel allows customers to spin the lucky wheel and convert them to leads. It gives you the best solution to get email addresses from visitors to your website. With Lucky Wheel, visitors will be pleased to fill in their email addresses to spins for prizes.

2. Install and setup Smartarget Lucky Wheel app

Step 1 : EasyStore's Admin Panel > Apps > Add integration > Search Smartarget Lucky Wheel > Install this app

Step 2 : Fill in your email address > Telegram account (Optional) > Select the app behavior

Step 3 : Customize your Smartarget Lucky Wheel button

Use Smartarget Lucky Wheel Button to invite your customer to spin the lucky wheel.

The settings below are available to adjust for Smartarget Lucky Wheel button appearance and position:

Step 4 : Setup window content

Window content:

The title, text and color for window content can be adjusted from the setting below:

Step 5 : Customise the Wheel Sections

The Wheel Sections are available for customers to spin and win prizes.

You can add more wheel items by the Add Item button.

The promotion code can be filled in under the Lucky Message section
Tick the Is Lucky box if the wheel item is a prize

Step 6 : Add the contact form fields

Contact form fields can help you to collect customer information.

Add more fields to collect customer information by the Add Item button.

💡Tips: Tick the Required to fill the box if it's a compulsory field for customers to fill in.

Step 7 : Save settings

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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