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Export Customer
Import Customer

💡 Tips : you can now select all customers based on filters and you may ignore the 50 limit per page

1. Export Customer

Step 1 : Go to Customers > More > Export customers

Step 2 : Select File Types > Click Export

Step 3 : After clicking export, an excel file will be downloaded

Step 4 : Open the excel file (which have just downloaded) . Then, kindly locate Group Name

Step 5 : Next, you can add/remove customers to/from group (as you wish) and save the file

2. Import Customers

Step 1 : Go to Customers > More > Import customers

Step 2 : Download a template to import customers or Click on "Choose file" and select your Excel or CSV file to import > Upload

Step 3 : Done!

Step 4 : Lastly, you can see that the customer group has been updated 😍
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