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Checklist - Enable Facebook Messenger


Enable Facebook Messenger
Customize 'Customer chat'
Customize 'Get started' message
Customize 'Customer updates' confirmation message

1. Enable Facebook Messenger

Go to Channels > Search for 'Messenger' > Enable Messenger

2. Customize 'Customer chat'

This Chat Plugin allows your customers to interact with your business anytime while browsing your website. You can customize the chat and also the theme color according to your needs.

How it shows on your website:

3. Customize 'Get started' message

'Get Started' message helps people discover and more easily access your functionality throughout the conversation.

How it shows on customer's Messenger:

4. Customize 'Customer updates' confirmation message

'Customer updates' allow your customers to get their accounts updates via Messenger

How it shows on customer's Messenger:

📌 Note:
You may include {{ customer_name }} or {{ order_number }} in the message and the information will be automatically display.

For eg:
Message type: Hi {{ customer_name }}, thank you for your order {{ order_number }}.
Message show to customer: Hi Sook Yann, thank you for your order #1028.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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