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What is EasyStore Facebook Sales Channel?
What is Meta Business Suite?
Can i use personal ads account to run advertising for business page?
Why I don't have permission to link Facebook Page to EasyStore?
What is Facebook Conversion API?
What is 'Page access token expired. Please login and authorize again' error?
Why is my product in Facebook Shop rejected?
Important Note

1. What is EasyStore Facebook Sales Channel?

EasyStore Facebook Sales Channels enable merchants to integrate with Meta Business Suite to upload products prepare for Facebook & Instagram Shop, track business performance with pixel, promote product with a click as well as create Ads.

2. What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite formally known as Facebook Business Manager and it's a free tool that centralizes Facebook page, Instagram page, ad account, Facebook Pixel, and messaging tools in one place as well as the assets which can manage your Facebook ads easier.

Facebook Page is a free way for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes and organizations to reach their audience and usually manage by owner's Facebook profile / multiple admin Facebook profile.

Facebook Profile is like a personal appearance online that enable to share story, post, interest, profile, photo and so on.

3. Can i use personal ads account to run advertising for business page?

When signing up for Facebook, users are given an ad account id by default. The personal ad account id will locate in Meta Ads Manager ad accounts page.

However, in order to advertise with Ads Manager, users need to have a Facebook Page or have an admin, editor or advertiser role on business page at the same time set up a valid payment method.

📌 Note:
All business ads manager is limited to one ad account id until users make a successful payment. The ad account limit will increase after.
To have more than one ad account, an additional charge may be incurred.
Refer here for more details: Facebook Official Guide.
Create a Business Manager account: If don’t have a Business Manager account.
Create an ad account in Business Manager: Create a new ad account in Business Manager, this will create a new ad account id.

4. Why I don't have permission to link Facebook Page to EasyStore

There are 2 kinds of scenario here:

You don't have permission to access this resource. Please contact your account administrator.

I receive this 'admin permission required' error when connecting Facebook with EasyStore? What should I do?

You don't have permission to access this resource. Please contact your account administrator.

📌 Note: Error - facebook_account_already_in_used, have the same issues, refer steps below

You may try to reconnect by following the steps below:

Step 1 : Logout from your EasyStore account and login with Facebook

Step 2 : Go to Settings > Profile > Account credentials and click Disconnect for Facebook

Step 3 : Login back to your current EasyStore account > Facebook > Login with Facebook and you're done!

I receive this 'admin permission required' error when connecting Facebook with EasyStore? What should I do?

Kindly ensure that your Facebook profile have the admin role tin the Facebook Business Manager and related assets to manage it. If you are the admin, but not found in the business setting, you can add yourself from here.

and assign all assets by click on the Add Assets button, select assets type then assets in the middle (Example: Facebook page), while set full control > click Save Changes.

Owners FB account should have all assets as admin access (full control):

People in Business Settings: Facebook account has admin access.

Pages: Have admin access to Pages and has to be the admin for over 7 days.

Ad Accounts: Have admin access to the ad account and the account created from the same Meta Business Suite.

Catalog: Have admin access to catalog and it is connected to correct page.

Pixels: Make sure your Facebook account is listed amount people having admin access for Pixels and the Pixel is created from the FBE (Please refer to Facebook Official Instruction).

If you are not the admin, you can request a review for the accessibility here. Once the admin approves your request, you will see the Page in your Business Manager.

📌 Note:
For full details may refer to Facebook Official Instruction.
Catalog, Ads account & pixel can be created during Facebook Sales Channel integration
If there's issue regarding asset permissions, please contact Facebook directly for further confirmation.
If cooperating with external advertisers / marketing agency, suggest to authorize access separately, to avoid potential conflicts in property transfer.

5. What is Facebook Conversion API?

The Facebook conversions API (CAPI), it was formerly known as the server-side API. It allows you to track conversions through your online store’s server (which is EasyStore), rather than through your customer’s browser (online store front).

a. So what's the different between Facebook Pixel vs Conversion API?

Instead of tracking “ browser pixel events”, it tracks “ server events”. So it means that the conversions API does not rely on cookies, online store visitors’ browser settings and performance don’t affect its tracking capabilities.

b. Why Conversion API introduced?

In general, this is to help reduce the cost per action of your Facebook ads by sending better data to the Facebook algorithm. in additional to overcome IOS 14 updates that happens to provide it's users the ability to turn off browser-side tracking and Ilimits the data advertisers can collect from iOS 14 users.

c. Does this mean the pixel is no longer useful?

No, It’s just useful in a different way. In fact, you should have Facebook pixel running together with Facebook conversions API that have being set in EasyStore automatically when you have connect with Facebook channels. Want to know how to setting up Facebook Channels? This article might help you.

When you connect the conversions API and your Facebook pixel, you maximize your chances of registering a conversion. If you choose to track the same events using both tools, you might even register some conversions twice. Fortunately, Facebook can correct the double-tracking through a process called “ deduplication”.

It compares the pixel event parameter to the conversion API’s event_name parameter, and the pixel’s eventID parameter to the conversion API’s event_ID parameter.

Deduplication might sounds complicated. But in simple term, it really just means keeping one conversion event and discarding its duplicate. These tools work together to provide you the most accurate Facebook tracking data and insights.

d. What event can Facebook Conversion API tracks in EasyStore?

It can track: AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, OrderPaid, OrderPlaced, and Search. (Do take note that manual payment order need to have paid status in order the OrderPaid event to track)

📌 Note: Remember to verify your domain for it to work effectively. Add your online store domain from Facebook Business Manager > Business Settings > Brand Safety and add new domain. Use either domain DNS TXT record or insert meta-tag to Online Store source code to verify domain

6. What is 'Page access token expired. Please login and authorize again' error?

For this issue, may try to disconnect Facebook & proceed to log in with Facebook page once again.

These tokens are refreshed once per day when you make a request to Facebook's servers. If no requests are made, the token will expire after about 60 days and you will have to go through the login flow again to get a new token.

7. Why is my product in Facebook Shop rejected?

If items in Facebook catalog are rejected, it might doesn't comply with Facebook Advertising Policies.

If items are rejected because don't comply with Facebook Commerce Policies, they won't show in Facebook / Instagram shop and cannot product can't be tagged.

May request review in Commerce Manager or Account Quality up to 5,000 items for review every 7 days. Alternatively, may be able to edit rejected items to comply with Facebook policies.

🛑 Important Note

To Track extra pixel event, may go to Event Manager to setting it up

Verification badge for Facebook & Instagram mean that Meta have confirmed that account is authentic brand / business / creator / public figure / celebrity and helps people more easily find the accounts they wish to follow. Here's more info about it.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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