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Introduction of Facebook Shop

Conducting sales through Facebook is quite a common thing these days with the help from a variety of Facebook-related features such as Page, Catalog and such.

With Facebook being one of the many sales channels which we provide, you can easily convert more Facebook sales via EasyStore. By connecting your Facebook Shop to EasyStore, you can easily grow your brand presence on Facebook.

Before we get any deeper, these are the common challengers for sellers who are using Facebook:
No 24/7 support
Manual order management
No one notices your posts

With our Facebook Shop feature, we can help solve and put an end to all of these problems.

Additionally, you also need to know these reasons to sell on Facebook with EasyStore.
Gain brand exposure by increasing brand awareness among potential new customers on multiple popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

Drive more sales without extra costs by running marketing activities to attract the current followers such as new product launch, product update, promotion and more.

Manage your business across the channels. In other words, simplifying your daily operations such as product, order, inventory and customer management on Facebook and Instagram in one place, which then leads to a single centralized platform which is the EasyStore admin panel.

Connect your product catalog to Facebook and Instagram with EasyStore in one-click. With this, any changes made on EasyStore will be reflected across on Facebook Shop.

Our Facebook Promoter auto-respond to comments under the post when matched with the predicted comment keyword. It also auto-generates a caption for each product together with a purchase link when you share from EasyStore directly. No 24/7 support? Worry not anymore.

Set up Facebook Pixel to track visitors' activity on your website for advertising campaigns. As you continue to sell on Facebook, you can collect and assess the insight of your customers’ shopping behaviours.

Hopefully you are all caught up now! You can try out Facebook Shop on EasyStore here

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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