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Connecting with Facebook ( Part 1: Setup guide )

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Connecting with Facebook
Request Facebook to update your products
Change Facebook page or pixel
Reset page and choose pixel
How to verify my domain with Facebook?
Add EasyStore product to Facebook Catalogue

1. Connecting with Facebook

Step 1 : Go to Admin Panel > Channel > Facebook > Enable Facebook

Step 2 : After that, login to your Facebook account > click login

Step 3 : Click continue

Step 4 : Connect EasyStore to Facebook > Click Continue

Step 5 : Create your Business Manager > Insert your business name > Click continue

Step 6 : Next is create your Business Name

Step 7 : Then, select your business manager > click continue

Step 8 : Next is confirm settings and click continue

📌Note : For error occurs on this page, you may refer to Facebook Business Help Center or send in your issue through Facebook Business Support Messenger

Step 9 : Learn what EasyStore allowed to do then click continue

Step 10 : Lastly, you're all set then click done

So, at your Admin Panel > Channel > Facebook it will look like this. You have successfully connect with Facebook.

You may continue with Connecting with Facebook ( Part 2: Features ) to know what you can do with this integration

2. Request Facebook to update your products

By default, products in your store will be updated to Facebook everyday at scheduled time. To request Facebook to update your products immediately, you may:

Step 1 : Go to your Facebook Catalogue Manager, go to Catalogue > Data Sources

Step 2 : Once you have clicked into your Facebook product Catalogue > Go to Settings

Step 3 : Scroll down until you see Request Update Now button here and you may click it to request update again.

Extra GIF reference:

3. Change Facebook page or pixel

To change your Facebook page or pixel, you may click on Reset Page button and reset all connections.

4. Reset page and choose pixel

📌 Notes: Please make sure you have created a Facebook Business Manager account. If you do not have an account yet, click here to register or login with your Facebook account.

Step 1 : Once you have logged in, click on the 3 lines on top and select Business Settings.

Step 2 : Click Ad Account. Check and select the correct ad account for your EasyStore account.

Step 3 : Click 'Data Sources' below > Pixels > Select pixel (May create pixel if you do not have one)

5. How to verify my domain with Facebook?

You may go to your Facebook Business Settings > Brand Safety > Domains there and you should be able to see the Verify your domain page. We would suggest using these 2 methods to verify your domain in EasyStore:
DNS verification)
Meta-tag verification

DNS Verification (This is applicable to those who own a custom domain)

This method works by adding a DNS TXT record to your domain host to proves that you own the domain.

Step 1 : You can add it at Channels > Online Store > Domains > Click Edit on Registered domain.

Step 2 : Scroll down to the bottom and click + Add DNS record.

Step 3 : Fill in as follow > Save.

Name: leave blank
Kind: select TXT
Record Data: paste the TXT record you copied earlier

Meta-tag Verification (For those who do not own a custom domain, you can use this method)

Copy the meta-tag that is given, then login to EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Online Store > Edit Source.

Next, select theme.liquid file and paste it after <head> and save. That's it!

📌 Note :
Once you have proceeded with the domain verification above, remember to click on the green Verify button.
Please be informed that changes may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

6. Add EasyStore product to Facebook Catalogue

Step 1: Login to Meta Business Suite > Setting > Business setting > All tools > Commerce Manager

Step 2: Go to Catalogue > Data Source > Choose Data feed option > Next

Step 3: Select Yes > Next

Step 4: Choose Use a URL > Enter your feed URL > Next

💡**Example of Feed URL**
Domain name:
Feed URL:

Step 5: Choose Daily > Next > Save Feed and Upload

Your data feed will be start uploading and the item will be added after feed uploading completed!

Tips : You can click the "request upload now" button to upload the latest feed such as when new product added, deleted and etc.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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