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Introduction of Facebook Live

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Benefits of Facebook Live
Checklist - Connect with Facebook Live

1. Introduction

Now, it would be a trend for businesses to sell & promote their things online or through live streams. Facebook Live allows you to receive orders easily from your Facebook live. With this Facebook Live channel, you as a merchant could start selling your products online and we do provide some automation to ease & speed up your live selling with the new Flash Sale feature. You can now get more sales by selling your products through Facebook Live.

2. Benefits of Facebook Live

When your audience/customers type " +1 " or " product code +1 " in the live comments, our system will auto send the purchase link to their inbox. By having the link, your customers will be able to easily follow the link to place an order and directly proceed with the payment.

Order Collection

Next, you will be able to see the total order received during the Facebook Live stream, also we called it as Order Collection. When you are doing live stream, you will be focusing on promoting hence it is hard for you to sell & look into the orders that you have received at once, correct? No worries on that as the system help you to collect your orders and retrieves the order details to your EasyStore admin panel.

Facebook Live Statistics

You can check out your previous streamed video reports on Statistic to look into :
Total Earnings
Items purchased
Conversion rate (%)
Sales performance

You can use these auto-generated statistics to optimize spending, product replenishment, website content etc. Let's provide your viewers/customers what they actually need with these statistics results and boost up your sales!

Auto-response to comments

Let's say you have nobody to assist in getting back to your audience/customers' comment during the live stream, we do provide an automation where we will assist in getting back to the audiences' comments via auto-response. You're able to customize the Facebook Live auto response message format through EasyStore admin panel as well :

Facebook Automated Responses

Flash Sales Message


3. Checklist - Connect with Facebook Live

Create a Facebook Page
Connect, create & run Facebook Live

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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