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Create a Facebook Page

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Create a Facebook Page
Customize your Facebook Page
Create a button

📌 Note : You need to have a Facebook page to create & run a Facebook Live.

1. Create a Facebook Page

Step 1 : Click here to create a Facebook Page. Next, fill in the Page Name

Step 2 : Select Category

Step 3 : Fill in your Facebook Page description

💡 Tips :
What Page names are allowed on Facebook? Click here to know more
You can select up to 3 categories
Character limit for Facebook Page's description would be 255 characters.

Step 4 : Click the Create Page on bottom left.

Step 5 : You can upload Profile Photo & Cover Photo for your Facebook Page (optional)

Step 6 : Click the Save button and you are done!

2. Customize your Facebook Page

It depends on which Page category that you have selected upon creating a Facebook page. Different features might be available under different Page category. May refer to the chart below for features available :

To change your Page category, you may go to Facebook > click Pages in the left menu > Edit Page Info > Categories and select the category

For more Facebook Page settings, kindly refer to this guide here.

3. Create a button

Below steps would be on how to create a button that will bring your visitors/customers to your EasyStore website. By having a button that brings your visitors/customers directly to your EasyStore website :
Helps to gain visibility
Increase total visitor
Increase total pageview

It will bring your existing customers on Facebook to refer to your Easystore website page. Without realizing, it is also one of the ways to bring in customers and sales from Facebook to your EasyStore website.

Step 1 : Go to Facebook > Click Pages in the left menu

Step 2 : Click on the + Add a Button & select Shop Now.

Step 3 : Fill in your EasyStore website link here > Save

Once saved, you can click on Edit Shop Now & select Test Button to see where the button will be directed to once clicked on it.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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