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Create Voucher

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Why sellers offer Discounts?
Types of discount you can create for voucher
Discount Setting
FAQ that you should know

1. Why sellers offer vouchers?

Offering vouchers can be a smart marketing strategy for sellers to increase sales, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

Offering discounts helps you to :

Attract new customers
Encourage customers for repeat purchase
Retain existing customers
Promote a new launch product or service
Move inventory faster

2. Types of voucher discount you can create in EasyStore

Discount voucher can be created based on these 2 setting:

2.1 based on [by Amount spent] :

For example:

Spends minimum $50 and get 10% / $5 OFF

10% / $5 OFF for Every $50 spent

2.2 based on [by Quantity purchased] :

For example:

10% OFF for any purchase

10% OFF for Every 4th item

20% OFF for Every 4th item & above

3. Discount voucher setting

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Promotions > Vouchers > Add vouchers

Step 2 : Select Advanced setting. Based on amount spent OR quantity purchased

💡 Tips: If you do not want to set discount from Advanced setting, you can create it from Start from template. You will notice that the settings are pre-set for quicker setups

Step 3 : Insert the title of your promotion

💡 Tips: You may refer to the Summary on the right to review the discount that you are creating.

Step 4 : Set how customer purchase will be able to get the Discount.

There were 2 options available:

Minimum amount spend

Every certain amount spend

Minimum amount spend:

Every certain amount spend:

Step 5 : What item(s) customers need to spend in order to get the Discount.

📌 Note : The item selected here will be purchased at original price.

If want to get discounted price on the item, can select it again under the “add-on deal”

Step 6 : Set it as an add-on deal or free gift🎁 (Optional)

📌 Note : Select the item under add-on deal to get discount/credit for the selected item

Step 7 : Create discount

💡 Tips: Select credit if you want the create a credit discount

Step 8 : Apply Voucher redeem method

8.1 Redeem Directly

Customer will need to redeem this voucher in Online Store > account OR* Member App > account > My Rewards
Only available for logged-in customer
Each customer account is only permitted to redeem and use one the voucher for one time

Redeem directly via Online store:

Demo : Apply the redeemed voucher (desktop view)

8.2 Redeem by loyalty point

Customer will need to redeem this voucher in Online Store > account
Only eligible for logged-in customer

📌 Note: Point will be deducted from customer account once they redeemed the voucher

Redeem by loyalty point via Online store:

Redeem by loyalty point via Member App > Account > Rewards

Demo: Apply the redeemed voucher

Step 9 : Apply Voucher usage

9.1 Customer eligibility

Customer login is compulsory to redeem the voucher:

All logged-in members
Selected customer group(s)
Selected customer(s)
Selected membership tier(s)

💡Tips: Go to Setting > Checkout > Customer Account > select option Log in is required

9.2 Available voucher quantity

Limited times (Total number of voucher available for customer redemption)

Step 10 : Save!

4. FAQ that you should know

Q : Which EasyStore's Plan includes Voucher feature?

Voucher feature is available for EasyStore's Business Plan and ABOVE

More features are waiting for you in

Business Plan


Updated on: 29/09/2023

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