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Enable Google Ads

💡 Friendly reminder:
Kindly look at this checklist here before you enable Google Ads in EasyStore.
Google Ads is available in EasyStore Standard & Business plan only.

Step 1 : EasyStore admin panel > Channels > Google Ads > Click on Go to Google Shopping button

Step 2 : If you haven't enabled Google Shopping in EasyStore, continue to click on Enable Google Shopping

You need to connect with Google Shopping before enabling Google Ads in EasyStore. Here is the step-by-step guide for you to connect with your Google Merchant account before proceeding to integrate with Google Ads :

Connecting Google Merchant Center

Step 3 : After connecting to Google Merchant Center (also known as Google Shopping), go to Channels > Google Ads. Make sure to connect to the right Google Merchant Center account. Once they're integrated, your product information will be able to sync now.

Step 4 : You can now create your Google ads in EasyStore with the integrated Google Ads account. Here's how it works:

Go to Google Ads Account > Select a google ads account > Connect to the Google Ads account you want > Connect

Don't have a Google Ads account? You can set up directly here by clicking create a new account (which in blue color) and you will be brought to the Google platform to create an account.

You can also refer here to set up:

Set up Google Ads account

📌 Note: You can choose billing & payment methods in your Google Ads account before setting up the Google Ads in EasyStore.

If you wish to disconnect your Google Ads account in EasyStore, navigate Channels > Google Ads channel > hover over the Google Ads account > click the Disconnect button and it's done!

You can reconnect it by repeating Step 3 to Step 4 above.

Step 5 : Currently we are having the Smart Shopping Campaign only. By utilizing Smart Shopping Campaign, you're able to promote your business on Google Search and YouTube to boost your visibility, reach more customers and drive more sales.

📌 Note : Make sure you have added a payment method on your Google Ads. It is needed for the Campaign Budget (Daily)

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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