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Introduction of Google Ads

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What is Google Ads Smart Campaigns
Checklist before enabling Google Ads in EasyStore

1. What is Google Ads Smart Campaigns?

Smart campaigns are the new default campaign type for Google Ads, designed to help business owners improve the way they promote their products and services online. It helps you highlight the selling points of your business and attract customers.

With Google Ads, you are able to:
Build Google Ads Smart Campaigns
Pause, resume or remove the ads that built
Track the performance

You may refer to the articles below to understand further about what is the Smart Shopping Campaign:
About Smart Shopping campaigns
Create a Smart Shopping campaign

2. Checklist before enabling Google Ads in EasyStore

Make sure you have an account with Google Shopping (also known as Google Merchant Center)

Enable Google Shopping with EasyStore

Verify your domain with Google

Make sure you have a Google Ads account

Select the Google Ads account to connect with EasyStore

Don't forget to add a payment method to your Google Ads

Start to create your Smart Shopping Campaign with EasyStore!

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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