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Enable Wishlist Button on products

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Install Wishlist app

1. Introduction

Wishlist app allow your customer mark certain products without adding into cart. As the owner of the web store, you should try to push all the features to your shoppers.

A visitor, who cannot immediately make a purchase, can 'Wishlist' a product and return to it later, this save up the time to search for favorite products once again.
Wishlists will help you pinpoint popular items in your inventory by check back to the Wishlist app. This is a source of valuable market research. Also, you can send an email about the product benefits and features to the customers who wishlisted it.

2. Install Wishlist app

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > App Store > Search for Wishlist app 

Step 2 : Install Wishlist app

Step 3 : Your customers will need to login into their account to see the Wishlist button on your product page

Step 4 : To review the overall Wishlist report, you can remote to Admin > Installed Apps > Wishlist

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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