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Fulfill Shopee orders

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Sync orders from Shopee Malaysia
Fulfill Shopee orders in EasyStore
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1. Sync orders from Shopee Malaysia

When you enabled it, your orders from Shopee will be synced to your order management in EasyStore's admin panel. You may refer to Part 6 below to learn more about fulfilling Shopee orders from EasyStore.

2. Fulfill Shopee orders in EasyStore

Step 1 : If you have enabled Sync orders from Shopee Malaysia , when the synced products receive Shopee orders, these orders will be synced back to your store and automatically update product inventory.

Step 2 : You can fulfill this order in your EasyStore's admin panel as well. Click into order > Fulfill > Fulfill with Shopee.

Step 3 : Select DropOff or Pickup > Click DropOff or Confirm Pickup.

Step 4 : Once order is fulfilled successfully, you are recommended to go to your order > more actions > Print Shopee waybill.

The supported AWB paper size option contains A6, A5, and A4.
You are able to filter the orders with the shipping option (For Shopee Malaysia, Shopee Singapore & Shopee Taiwan only).

3. Things that you should know

Filter for Shopee order based on order's sync status was added. You can filter it by All, Active, InQueue, and Error.

Besides, you can search for multiple order by adding a comma ( , )

2. Shopee order details

You can check for the buyer payment method and income details for Shopee orders under channels > Shopee Malaysia > Orders > Search Shopee order number > Shopee order number

Buyer payment method:

Income details:

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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