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Publish products on Shopee

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Publish products on Shopee
Import products from Shopee to EasyStore
Adjust Shopee selling price in EasyStore
Extra Settings
Inventory Adjustment for Shopee

1. Publish products on Shopee

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore's Admin Panel > Products > click into the product > select More Actions > "Sync to Shopee Malaysia".

Or Go to EasyStore's Admin Panel > Products > click on the drop down button on the far right of the product > click Publish beside "Sync to Shopee Malaysia".

Step 2 : Select Category in the Sync product detail page. Please make sure that you have selected the right category for your product as Shopee will banned if it is not assigned according. Get to know more from Shopee Listing Guidelines.

Step 3 : Fill up the other information > click Submit.
You can sync up to 8 images to Shopee
You can enable Pre-Order option

Step 4 : The product has been synced successfully to Shopee.

📌 Note : If you encounter any error for the synchronize process, you may go to Apps > Shopee Malaysia > Products tab > click on the pink Error button to see the details

OR you can now go to Product > Select product with error > Check out the sync status for all sales channels you enabled and the reason for the error on your right-hand side.

Step 5 : After successful sync, you can view your products in Shopee Seller Centre > My Products

Product attributes such as title, images, price, dimensions, etc. will be automatically synced to Shopee if any changes have been made in EasyStore.
However, the changes on product description will need manual resync. If the product description has been changed in EasyStore after successfully syncing, go to Channels > Shopee Malaysia Search Product Name > Select the product > Fill in the detail (if any) > Publish*.
Step : Go to EasyStore’s Admin Panel > channels > Shopee Malaysia > bulk select products > publish / delete

Here's a video for your reference:

2. Import products from Shopee to EasyStore

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore's Admin Panel> Apps > Shopee Malaysia > click Import products.

Step 2 : Select your import method > Tick the products that you would like to import > click Import products. We have 3 import methods:
Ignore - no action
Create new product - import this product from Shopee and create as a new product in EasyStore
Link to - import this product from Shopee and link it with an existing product in EasyStore

Here's a small tutorial for your reference:

Step 3 : Products have been imported successfully to your store.

Here's a video for your reference:

3. Adjust Shopee selling price in EasyStore

Step 1 : If you would like to have different selling price in Shopee than in EasyStore, you can directly adjust in EasyStore as well. Go to EasyStore's Admin Panel > Shopee > Products > click on the 0% under Shopee price.

Step 2 : Here you can choose to increase / decrease the selling price in Shopee by percentage (%) or amount (MYR) > click Update.

4. Additional Settings

4.1. Adding watermark to product image

You are able to add/remove watermark to/from the selected products.

If added, the outcome will look like this in Shopee product page:

Step 1 : To do so, in your Shopee Malaysia settings, under Product > click on More > and select Product Watermark

Step 2 : You will then reach to the Product Watermark setting page.
This is the page where you can view your added watermarks / add a new product watermark.

To add, click on the top right Add Product Watermark

Step 3 :

Insert the title of this Product Watermark image (only for your own preference)
Select/upload the watermark image.

Step 4 : Once uploaded the watermark image, may go back to the Product section where you can see the list of your products.

To apply the watermark on the product images, "tick" the selected products > click "Apply Watermark".

To remove the watermark on the product images , "tick" the selected products > click "Remove Watermark".

Step 5 : If chose to Apply Watermark, a pop up section will appear for you to select the watermark images > click Apply.

Step 6 : Once clicked Apply, there will be a notice on top to notify that the image is in process of being applied to your product image(s) on Shopee product page. Thus, you can also spot the product status as Inqueue .

Step 7 : Once the process is done, this is how the outcome looks like :

📌Important Notes :
Able to create max 10 watermarks only.
Currently only .png format is accepted for watermark image.
Make sure that the watermark background color is either transparent or white; or else the product image may get override.
Currently the watermark will only apply to the first image of the product.
Currently not able to adjust coordinate. Thus, if wish to push your business logo (for example) to the corner of the image, then may need to upload a watermark which the logo is already at the corner. For example like this :

4.2. Sync inventory only

When you enabled it, it will only sync your product's inventory and ignore all other product attributes.

a. Price used for product sync

Choose the product price you would like to sync to Shopee.
Price in EasyStore - Selling price in EasyStore
Compare at price in EasyStore - Original price

💡 EasyStore now support convert pricing based on currency rate set in EasyStore Admin Panel. Meaning that you can start to sync your EasyStore account to multiple region of Shopee.

b. When delete product in EasyStore

Do nothing in Shopee Malaysia - Your products in Shopee wouldn't get affected.
Set as inactive in Shopee Malaysia - Your products in Shopee will become unlisted but allow you to hide the product listing temporarily without losing its information.

Delete permanently in Shopee Malaysia - Your products in Shopee will be deleted permanently.

If you choose the third option under the Settings tab, the deleted product cannot be restored so please delete it wisely.

Step 5 : Go to your Shopee Seller Centre and complete your Shipping Setting. Once it is done, it will be synced to EasyStore's admin panel.

📌 Note : "Enabled" or "Disabled" will follow your shipping setting in your Shopee Seller Centre. You may edit the fees for each product afterwards.

Step 6 : Once done, you may now start to sync products to your Shopee Seller Centre.

5. Inventory Adjustment for Shopee

Now you can adjust the inventory quantity for individual marketplace channels as needed via the Multi Location Inventory features

When synchronizing products and creating orders with Shopee channel, the inventory will be sourced exclusively from the selected location.

Steps: Go to EasyStore’s admin > Channels > Shopee Malaysia > settings > Inventory locations > select the location from the drop down

If you want to add a new location to source the inventory for Shopee channel, add it under EasyStore’s admin > settings > location

Things to take note :

By default, the inventory for all marketplace channel will sourced from the primary location that has been set up under EasyStore admin panel > Settings > Locations

You will received “required action for update the inventory location” email when the selected location has been deleted from setting > locations.
These emails will be sent to the Account Email specified in Admin Panel Settings Page

Product inventories will be automatically re-synced when the selected location has been changed or updated in the Shopee Malaysia channel settings page.

Multi location feature that available for EasyStore's Retail Plan is needed to support the Inventory Adjustment for Shopee

Updated on: 07/04/2024

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