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Introduction of Shopee

If you're using a marketplace to sell such as Shopee, then EasyStore would certainly enhance your overall selling experience. Why? How so? Continue reading to know more about using Shopee on EasyStore.

Firstly, a fun fact for you :

Shopee is the most-visited e-commerce platform among mobile shoppers in the Asia Pacific. It provides high traffics to sellers with a huge number of ready buyers on the platform. Nearly 90% of Malaysian consumers do online shopping on Shopee.

Therefore, if you're not using Shopee already, you should start now. And with EasyStore, your experience as a seller would certainly be elevated. These are the benefits of using Shopee on EasyStore:

Bulk orders management

Fulfill multiple orders and print airway bills at once with Shopee or third-party logistics integration. Auto-update your customers by sending notifications about the latest order status

Import products from Shopee

Rather than adding products one-by-one, upload your products from Shopee to EasyStore's backend in just a few clicks. Your Shopee product reviews and shop rating remain unchanged.

Sync products from EasyStore

Quit manually sync sales channel data for a complete business view. Instead, you can automatically sync product information from EasyStore to Shopee in real-time.

Inventory Update

Once integrated with Shopee, your entire inventory count is automatically updated for both Shopee and your Ecommerce website. Prevent you from overselling and underselling situations on the products.

Allow Pre-Order Option

Turn on the pre-order option to capture automatically every sales opportunity from Shopee and the sales channels. Prioritize your best-selling inventory to fit your customer preferences

Selling Price Adjustment

Free yourself from spending time to select products and adjust different selling prices over multiple channels on the same product. Minimize your transaction costs without affecting the profit.

Ultimately, connecting your business with Shopee on EasyStore helps you take advantage of automation to manage products, orders, and inventories for multiple sales channels. Centralized management between Shopee and your Ecommerce website.

Hopefully, you're caught up! You may further read up on the setup here

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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