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Product Auto Bump
Display Shopee rating in Online store

1. Product Auto Bump

a. What is Product Bump?

The "Bump" function (f.k.a. Boost) allows your Shopee store to improve product's search ranking temporarily to increase the number of views and potential sales. By using this function, the product will be bumped to the top of its category's search results under the Latest tab in Shopee.

b. How many products can I Bump at once?

By default, you can Bump up to 5 products at once and it will last for 4 hours.

To set Shopee bump from EasyStore, may go to Admin Panel > Channels > Shopee > settings > Promotion > click on select product button to select product (May set queue up to 20 products but only first 5 product will be bump at once ).

Only product that exist both side (EasyStore & Shopee) can be selected in Auto bump list.

For product that in queue, it can be remove anytime.

When the product is bump, the status will changed to "bumping" and there's coutdown timer beside it to indicate how much time left.

In EasyStore, product will be bump again automatically when the previous bump is over.

If want to stop bumping certain product, can click Discountinue button in admin panel to stop it from loop into auto bump.

If the product discountinue bumping from admin panel, the remaining time will still counting down until end of time.

If there's product bumped in Shopee before, and the product exist in both side, the bumping list will shown remaining time with "Ending Soon" status.
(The status shows ending soon because it can't trigger our system to automatically bump it, and it will be removed from the list.)

Product that deleted from Shopee will stop the bumping process immediately.

c: What are the Auto bump status mean?

Here are the meaning of Auto bump status:

For more information about Bumping your products on search, click here .

2. Display Shopee rating in Online store

Step 1 : In your Shopee Malaysia settings, under Product > click on More > and select Product Rating

Step 2 : Enable the Display Shopee Malaysia product ratings on online store option

If enabled, the outcome will look like this on the Online store product page:

📌Important Notes :
Once enabled, this product rating is applied to all products that had been synced to Shopee. (This means there is no setting to choose which product wants to show the comment and which product doesn't want to show the comment)
Currently, all comments from Shopee will be shown, there is no setting to hide the specific comments.
Images and videos are not supported.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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