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Infinite Scrolling

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Installation of Infinite Scrolling

1. Introduction

Your customers can now scroll, scroll, and scroll with this Infinite Scrolling app integration.

By having this app integration installed, your customers can view your products by scrolling instead of viewing them by clicking page by page. The products will automatically load and the product will appear in just a few seconds.

It enables customers to view a lot of information without the page load or additional clicks. Customers just need to scroll, love it? then add the product to the cart, proceed to checkout and make payment. Indirectly, it helps to :
Shorten customers browsing time
Enhance your customers' buying process

2. Installation of Announcement Bar

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > Search Infinite Scrolling > Install this app

Step 2 : Choose your loading type & loading style

💡 Tips :
If your website background is in a darker color, we suggest you select the Light loading style.
If your website background is in a brighter color, may select Dark loading style
Kindly be informed that the infinite scrolling function only applies to the collection page.

Step 3 : Fill in the End of Content, Error Message and View More text

💡 Tips :
End of Content - will appear when the page is scrolled until the bottom (will appear as the image shown below if you select auto load when scroll down loading type)

Error Message - will appear if there is an issue with loading the collection page

View More - will appear at the bottom of the page (will only appear if you select load when click more loading type)

Step 4 : Save and you are done!

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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