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Insert additional codes to online store

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Add code to your online store by using the Insert Code app
Manage the added code

1. Introduction

Insert Code app can be used when you wish to add extra custom code to the online store. For example, custom JavaScript code, CSS styling code, verification HTML tag, etc. can be added easily to your online store using this app.

With Insert Code, you can add the code into <head> or before </body> of the online store’s source code for the data tracking or some additional plug-in.

📌 Note: This App allows the addition of a maximum of 5 codes only for now.

2. Add code to your online store by using the Insert Code app

Step 1: Log in EasyStore Admin Panel > Apps > More apps > Insert Code > Install this app.

Step 2: Create Code

Step 3: Fill in the code name and paste the code.

📌 Note: You may paste the code into <head> section and above </body> section based on the requirement.

Step 4: Save.

Step 5: Your saved code should have appeared at your online store now.

📌 Note: You can check for the code by Right-click (at online store page) > view page source > search for “Insert Code”

3. Manage the added code

You can edit, disable or delete the code from the List Code.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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