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Install Sectigo SSL (formerly known as Comodo SSL)

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Why do need to install Sectigo SSL?
How to Buy Sectigo SSL and Install Sectigo SSL in EasyStore
Where to get the CSR Code from EasyStore?

1. Why do need to install Sectigo SSL?

In order to integrate with Maybank2u Pay gateway, you need to purchase and install Sectigo SSL in your website. This is required by Maybank2u that domain must be installed with Sectigo SSL. Here is the article on setting up Maybank2uPay Gateway payment gateway.

2. How to Buy Sectigo SSL and Install Sectigo SSL in EasyStore

Step 1 : Go to NameCheap site:

Please Sign In to your NameCheap account.

Step 2 : After Sign In your NameCheap account, Security > SSL Certificates

Step 3 : Choose Comodo SSL Package >> click on the Buy Now button > Confirm Order > Pay Now (Select Payment method)

Step 4 : Complete Buy Sertigo SSL, You can start to install Sectigo SSL to your Store. Click on the MANAGE button

Step 5 : Click on the ACTIVATE button

Step 6 : Activate SSL need to get CSR code

Where to get the CSR Code from EasyStore? 🤔

You may login to your EasyStore account > Channels > Online Store > Domains > Click Edit on your domain (under Active domain)

Step 7 : Click the Activate SSL button > Select generate CSR > You will need to fill in your information

Step 8 : Complete fill in your information, you will get your CRS code. Copy and paste the CRS code from EasyStore's Domains CRS page.

Step 9 : Select (Any other server)

Step 10: Select DNS-based (This setting is chosen use to verify domain own)

Step 11 : Fill in your Email. Please make sure that the email you entered is active & valid.

Step 12 : Confirm your information.

Step 13 : Go to the Certificate Details page

Step 14 : Get the CNAME Record. Copy the Host and Target .

Step 15 : Paste the CNAME record into your Domain DNS CNAME Record.

Step 16: Complete Add CNAME Record, press the Done button.

Step 17 : Completion of the above steps, you will receive an e-mail sent NameCheap the “**Your COMODO SSL TrustLogo is ready !**”.

Step 18: Download and Open file(.crt) in Notepad, Copy the CERTIFICATE code.

Step 19 : Go to your EasyStore > Channels > Online Store > Domains

Step 20 : Click Edit > Activate SSL and Paste the Code to the Public Key column.

Step 21 : Press Activate Button.

Step 22 : Open Website, and press "F12". Click on "**Security**" tab and View certificate, and you can see the complete install COMODO SSL.

Updated on: 28/10/2023

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